A cycling weekend

This great weather has to be taken advantage of so I have been out on my bike every day recently riding through Netherton, Aintree Village, Lunt, Thornton, Sefton Village, Maghull, Lydiate, Melling, Aughton, Down Holland, Bickerstaff etc.

Saturday saw me in a cycle race. Well that’s putting it a little strongly as I found myself cycling the same road in the same direction as what looked like a professional cycling outfit. They were very polite as they whistled past me doing twice my speed at least. This happened on Prescot Road in Aughton – I think I came 117th out of 95 riders:-) Here’s a shot of them:-

Sunday saw me off through Lunt Village where I respectfully doffed my cap (cycle helmet actually) outside the house of the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury – Bootle MP and an old sparing partner of mine on Sefton Council Peter Dowd. Private Eye tells me he has been in China in recent times so he may not have been at home.

Some of the fields around Lunt Village have changed immeasurably over the past 20 years as some farmland has been replaced by woodland – Part of the Mersey Forest. Sadly though the back lanes of Lunt are used to dump all kinds of rubbish – a subject I have commented on many times before on this blog site. Just look at this recent photo:-

Oh well more good weather more cycling………..