How will you help make our roads safer?

Government is working on changes to the Highway Code to make road use safer for cyclists and pedestrians so whether you’re a pedestrian, horse rider, cyclist or driver (I wonder how many of you are all 4?) have a go at this quiz on the proposed changes to the Highway Code which is on the BBC website:-

So what do you do when you see a ‘Bike Box’?

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its website – see link below:-

Well as a driver I’ve always kept out of them but now I’m also a cyclist it’s apparent that some drivers stop within Bike Boxes.

The photo above is of the junction at Kenyons Lane/Northway in Lydiate as just one example of a ‘Bike Box’ and I wonder what the experiences of local drivers and cyclists are of using them?

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting

Rimrose Valley Country Park – Bikers against road plan

Readers of this blog site will know that I have been posting for a long time now against the plan of Highways England to build a new access road to the Port of Liverpool right through this lovely Country Park. I was delighted therefore to read in the Champion newspaper (3rd April) that a Cycle Safari organised by Merseyside Environmental Trust/Merseyside Cycling Campaign stopped in this South Sefton Park to register their objections to the road building plan.

Nice to see fellow cyclists getting involved in trying to stop the Highways Agency bulldozers.

An idyllic view of Rimrose Valley Country Park

Maghull – One of those I can’t quite belive what I have just seen moments

Last night, 9.45pm, its dark, I am just about to turn right in my car out of Larchwood Avenue onto Liverpool Road South and I am looking both ways to check Liverpool Road South is clear.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot movement to my right and then I see what to me is a very disturbing sight. Up to 10 men/youths riding cycles towards me. No lights on any of the bikes, all in dark clothing and the whole gang of them spread across Liverpool Road South taking up about three quarters of both carriageways!

How much danger is that? Yes they may have no concern for their own welfare but pity the poor vehicle driver that crashes into them and inevitably gets the blame for doing so!

I have seen such a stunt done before in Maghull this year on the duel carriageway A59 where a number of young lads were in effect blocking one side by riding their cycles in such a way that vehicles could not get past them but that was in broad daylight!

What on earth is going on how long before some of these cyclists are dead with a vehicle driver in court taking the blame?