Mirror buys Express!


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Yes I know I scratched my head too! Trinity Mirror who publish Labour Party supporting newspapers like the Daily Mirror and Liverpool Echo are going to publish the Daily Express which often seems off to the Bluekip far right.

Our Trump/Brexit world gets stranger by the day.

2.6m women are angry over State Pension losses


The Daily Mirror has the story on its web site – see link above

Quote from article – ‘The Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) activists are campaigning for 2.6million women born in the 1950s whose state pension age is rising to 66 by 2020.’

What has surprised me is that there have not been bigger and longer protests over this.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

May – Is anyone listening?


The Daily Mirror has the story on its web site – see link above.

As the UK seeks to isolate itself within Europe whilst at the same time hawking its suitcase of trading products door to door around the planet you can’t help but think that humouring and ignoring us has become the way of the world.

What a sad state we are in!

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Boris – Were Peter Dowd and Mrs May(day) ‘swearing’ about him?


The Daily Mirror has the story that includes a reference to my old Sefton Council sparing partner now Bootle Labour MP Peter Dowd – see link above

In the words of my dear old Mum ‘he could make a Parson swear’ – Boris I mean.

My thanks to Roy Connell for spotting this story.

Malnutrition and Obesity both causing hospital admissions


The Daily Mirror has the story – see link above

‘What’s going wrong, obesity rising and now this, does anyone have any answers about whats happening in this country of ours?’ says Roy Connell.

Indeed, we seem to on the way to having a population at two extremes, food poverty at one end, obesity at the other!

Liberalism – What’s it like being a Liberal?

This short piece on Liberalism was prompted by a question from an acquaintance who asked me this very question:-

Liberals by their very nature are people with inquiring minds who want to know as many facts as possible about whatever it is we are considering.

You will rarely see a Liberal reading say the Daily Mail or Daily Mirror because they are little more than propaganda sheets to us. We don’t like our news filtered, we want clear information (not biased opinions) so that we can make up our own minds as free thinking individuals. We try not to jump to conclusions without the necessary information to form a reasonable view.

Liberals are environmentalists by instinct; we are seekers out of corruption, fighters against vested interests and are invariably suspicious of those in authority.

We know that global warming is probably the greatest threat that mankind has ever faced and if we don’t seriously tackle our wasteful ways and our unclean energy use future generations will be left to pick up the mess that we have selfishly left them.

We believe in electoral reform because it will lead to better and more representative government and the devolution of power from Whitehall so to empower people and communities.

We believe in co-operatives and mutual companies and worker participation in running companies.

We understand that a decent welfare system has to help those in need and that the NHS needs to be properly funded.

Many of us will be pro-abortion – supporting a woman’s right to choose, pro-right to die – supporting the right to decide how and when your own life should end.

Many Liberals will be involved in opposing nuclear weapons, objecting to the selling of any weapons to counties that do not respect human rights and we will often be peace activists looking for diplomatic solutions to conflict.

We are internationalist in our outlook because we realise that being inward looking nationalists is the road to ruin not the route to prosperity. Of course we are pro-Europe but we do want the institutions of the EU fundamentally overhauled to make them more representative of the peoples of Europe.

Being a Liberal is fundamentally about freedom to choose so long as the choices we make do not knowingly have an adverse impact on others or the environment that supports us all.