Sefton Council – Consulting on where you may no longer be able to take your dog off its lead etc.

Consultation on the ideas about a Public Space Protection Order – Dog Control (PSPO).

The link above is to a document produced by Sefton Council on this subject. The link at the end of this posting enables you to take part in the consultation.

The consultation runs from 15th February till 1st April 2017.

Dog control is a serious issue but like many things in life it is the activities of the minority that cause those in power to consider moves that in this case will clearly restrict the activities of the many considerate dog owners.

I don’t have a dog myself so have no axe to grind here (although fouling of pavements and public open spaces drives me as mad as the next person) but having become aware of this consultation only recently I thought it was something that required wider sight amongst Sefton Borough residents.

My thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

PS. Is it me or is the Sefton Council document in the link above just a little patronising?

Who would be a postman/woman! – Royal Mail, Maghull

With dangerous dogs seeming more and more around our streets attacking people who would be a postwoman/man. It must be dangerous business.

This poster was seen in the Royal Mail Parcel Collection Point in Maghull’s Sorting Office. 3,000 post people bitten in one year! Click on the picture below to enlarge it.


I really do hope that the Royal Mail takes action whenever possible to prosecute irresponsible dog owners. Postmen and women should not have to put up with being attacked or being in continual fear of being bitten. I was attacked by a dog in a street in Thornton a few years ago and there was a successful prosecution. I am also aware of a dog attack on a Maghull street recently which the Police are looking into.

Dog attack law change

A Freedom of Information request has found that some of the country’s biggest police forces reported a rise in the number of animals seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act last year. The figures come as an amendment to the Anti–social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act comes into force tomorrow enabling owners to be prosecuted for dog attacks on private property. An opinion piece in The Daily Telegraph questions whether the new rules will be adequate.

In today’s Daily Mirror Page: 17, The Daily Telegraph Page: 19, Daily Express Page: 30

Having been bitten by a dog whilst delivering leaflets (the person responsible for the dog was taken to Court by Sefton Council and received a fine) and knowing others who have been it is high time that owners were made to take responsibility for their dogs. No ifs no buts, your dog is your responsibility and if 99% of dog owners can act in a responsible way those who choose not to have to take the consequences.

The BBC has the story:-

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.