Hillsborough and the Sun newspaper – It would be hard to make this up – What on earth did our political leaders think they were doing?



Here is the sad, sad story as carried by the BBC.

Words fail me, they really do


What Ed Miliband has to say about UKIP


This amusing youtube video sums up Labour’s ‘what do we do or say about UKIP’ dilemma. Ed is seemingly afraid to debate with UKIP, he is worried that working class Labour voters will defect to UKIP and is unwilling to challenge this deeply illiberal Party – UKIP I mean in case you were wondering!.

Nick Clegg takes a lot of stick from the right wing press, because he often stops right wing Tories doing mad things in Parliament, but he was the only political leader willing to take on UKIP and he deserves credit for doing what Cameron and Miliband were not prepared to do. Considering that both Cameron and Miliband claim to be in favour of Europe their lack of guts, in ducking an encounter with UKIP, does them little credit.

Conservative’s and Youtube


One of the problems that all politicians have to face these days is that what they said a few years ago, that contradicts what they are saying now, can cause embarrassment. It seems it is best to try to delete what was previously said.

The Guardian has the story – see link above.

Clegg, Cameron, Miliband – Is there a workable combination?

Well the answer is both yes and no.

Clegg and Cameron were right to bring the Coalition Government together, of that I have no doubt despite my lifelong opposition to Conservatism. They were right because:-

* the UK was teetering on the brink of economic collapse
* a world recession was hitting hard
* we had been spending and borrowing beyond our means for far too long
* Labour had not only run out of steam they were responsible in no small measure for the state we were and presently still are in.

But don’t times change! Cameron, a slightly pinko Tory, held all before him those 3 heady years ago and his Euro nutters were firmly back in the in their boxes well bound and gagged. Now they are very much out of their boxes running around like headless chickens causing Cameron all kinds of difficulties and UKIP all kinds of joy. That means the strains are clearly showing in the Coalition as Clegg, a chap on the right of the Lib Dems, can’t allow an ever more rightwing Tory Party to do the daft things they seemingly want to do. Like lemmings running for the cliff the Tories have been utterly panicked by UKIP and now half of Cameron’s troops are marching to UKIP’s tune. It can only get worse and we are two years away from an election!

So Clegg is desperately trying to keep the Coalition on track whilst Cameron has to deal with and pander to his ever more desperate Party. That their relationship must be strained there can be little doubt.

But what’s all this talk about Clegg and Miliband becoming good buddies (you can’t repeat that though); does it hold any water?

Well it might or might not. If you look at from the historical perspective you must say that the Lib Dems and Labour have more in common than the Lib Dems and Tories. However, as always happens under Labour, the economy goes to pot and it did so in a spectacular way during the Blair and Brown years. How can you work with a political party that helped bring financial disaster upon us, has failed to seriously acknowledge its failings or address the consequences and which has form from just about every previous Labour administration for failing on the economy?

As my daughter Jen often says – Every Labour government ends in financial failure, every Tory one ends in social failure. There are no right and wrong answers over say a 5 year governmental term because of events. Whom you could work with one year you could not work with the next. How on earth Clegg balances it all out and keeps his sanity I have no idea but when we have recovered from the economic mess, in say 10 years or so, I suspect that we may have him to thank for working with impossible people to do the possible.