Gove reforms would be kept by Labour

Labour has said it would not repeal any of the major school reforms introduced by Education Secretary Michael Gove if it wins the next general election. Tristram Hunt, shadow education secretary, said he did not want to “waste political energy” by “tinkering” with changes made to the curriculum and academy schools in England since 2010.

BBC News has the original story but thanks go to the LGiU for distilling it into the briefing above.

What on earth has all the posturing from Labour about the unpopular reforms of this unlikeable Education Secretary been all about then? Sounds like Labour are yet again on the one hand condemning Coalition policy but on the other saying they will not change it or reverse it! Is there any point to an opposition that agrees with the Government of the day on the fundamentals of public policy?

Maghull to Southport for school swimming lessons, you had better believe it!


These are the old Victoria Swimming Baths on the Promenade at Southport. Like many people (who lived in and around Southport) in the late 1960’s early 1970’s I used them as they neared the end of their long service. However, I was bused there from Ormonde Dive Secondary Modern School in Maghull (it later became Ormonde High, then Maghull High and is now Maghull High Academy) each week by the School!

Talk about a long journey for just a small amount of swimming! It happened because at that time Maghull/Lydiate had no swimming pool at all. The one at Hudson Primary had closed and the one replacing it at Deyes Lane Secondary Modern School (now Deyes High Academy) was still being debated by the pre-1974 Lancashire Councils. So bussed we were all the way to Southport!