Maghull/Lydiate Labour – made up stories & misinformation in their upside down world

Labour leaflets in the Maghull & Lydiate area in recent times have been little more than bizarre with oft repeated stories that are utterly ridiculous and untrue.

Maghull Town Hall Roof repairs/refurbishment – It cost £500,000 say Labour – In the words of the independent Clerk to Maghull Town Council ‘The actual cost was £206,816.79’. Labour also say they had to take out a loan to pay for the work. No they did not, they had the option to take out a loan and they chose to do that.

Closure of Deyes Lane Post Office – Labour say it closed because of the Lib Dems. Utter nonsense, it closed because the Post Master retired and no one wanted to take over the Post Office in the Deyes Lane row of Shops. The only offer that the Post Office had was for a new Post Office which has now opened at the Moss Lane/Dodds Lane junction about half a mile away. I have a letter from the Post Office confirming the reasons for the closure.

Green Bin Tax – Labour say they rejected the Lib Dem green bin tax. We never proposed a green bin tax for Sefton; it was Labour who proposed it! We fought against Labour’s green bin tax and they eventually backed off.

Top Lib Dem resigns? – This is a Labour headline in their recent leaflets but no one knows who they are taking about. No top Lib Dem has resigned in Maghull and Lydiate. Labour seem to play this odd card in relation to Cllr. Andrew Blackburn but he was sat there large as life at a Maghull Town Council meeting only last week, which is more than you can say for 8 Labour councillors who have resigned in recent times!

Green Belt – Labour say we Lib Dems are biggest threat to it yet we are the ones fighting Labour’s plan to build on the Green Belt around Maghull & Lydiate! Labour started off saying they were going to defend the Green Belt but then they did a ‘U’ turn and decided to back building on it!

Maghull Parks – Labour says they are planning improvements to Maghull parks yet it was Labour-run Maghull Town Council who took the money for such improvements out of the Council’s budget! We Lib Dems opposed the money being removed.

Maghull’s Neighbourhood Plan – Labour claim all sorts about this but it is simply cover for them to build on the Green Belt and high grade agricultural land whilst trying to look like they are doing something else.

Policing cuts – Labour blame the Lib Dems for this yet it was Labour, whilst in Government who so ruined the UK’s finances with their spend, spend, spend mentality, that helped put us all in the mess that we are all in now. What’s more the closure proposals for Maghull Police Station are being put forward by the Labour Crime and Policing Commissioner for Merseyside.

You begin to wonder whether they have begun to believe all their own ridiculous propaganda!

Labour – There’s a lot to protest about in Sefton!

There have been a quite a number of public protests in recent years across the Borough of Sefton against things like:-

The Post Office closure programme pursued under the last Labour Government which saw Maghull and Lydiate having 4 Post Offices axed:- Below are Lib Dem protestors fighting for the former Coronation Road Post Road Post Office in Lydiate.


Labour-run Sefton Council’s plan to close public toilets across the Borough. This fight was won by campaigners like those pictured below:-


Labour’s £46 Green Bin tax for Sefton. This was fought off in the Summer of 2013 but the comrades are expected to try to bring it back once again having only deferred it:- Cllr. Bruce Hubbard is pictured below with his massive petition against the green bin tax which caused Labour to lose 2 council by-elections to the Lib Dems in Maghull.


Building on Sefton’s Green Belt. Labour have got into big trouble over this by saying they would defend it whilst voting to build on it! Talk about being found out! Below are environment protestors lobbying a Sefton Council meeting at Maghull Town Hall. They were ignored!


The photo above is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

A petition against building on Green Belt being presented to Cllr. Dave Russell Chairman of Lydiate Parish Council.

A petition against building on Green Belt being presented to Cllr. Dave Russell Chairman of Lydiate Parish Council.

Then there’s the hugely unpopular library closure programme pursued by Sefton Labour Party on the Council. 7 Libraries have been closed and Labour have even refused to let volunteer community groups run two of the closed libraries!

Sadly this placard could also read 'NO' to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!

Sadly this placard could also read ‘NO’ to volunteers taking over Aintree Library!


The photo above was taken outside Southport Town hall as protestors tried to save 3 libraries in the Town from closure. Sadly, like the Green Belt protestors, they were ignored.

Lib Dem campaigners fighting Labour's library axe

Lib Dem campaigners fighting Labour’s library axe

Yes, there is a lot to protest about in the Bootle-dominated, Labour-run socialist republic of Sefton.

Labour – What the comrades say is not what the comrades do – Not Sefton’s Green Belt this time but Post Offices.

I have posted before about the ‘say one thing do another’ that Labour in these parts gets up to. Three examples that immediately spring to mind are:-

* Voting to build on Green Belt land at Bells Lane, Lydiate then trying to pretend they did just the opposite.

* Claiming to be opposing development of Urban Greenspace land off Damfield Lane, Maghull then voting through the development of the very same land.

* Voting to consult the people of Sefton on their plan to build on the Green Belt then putting up posters saying Labour wants to save the Green Belt.

Now they are at it again but this time with that cherished British institution the Post Office. Remember when Labour were in power and they closed Post Offices across the UK by the hundreds?

233 in 1999, 382 in 2000, 547 in 2001 etc. etc.

This included, just in Maghull & Lydiate, 4 branch Post Offices being shut under a Labour Government:-

• Moss Lane Lydiate,
• Station Road Maghull
• Meadows (Liverpool Road South) Maghull
• Liverpool Road (Coronation Shops) Lydiate

Lib Dem campaigners fighting to save 4 Post Offices from Labour's axe some 10 years ago. No Labour protestors here; they stayed at home and let the closures happen!

Lib Dem campaigners fighting to save 4 Post Offices from Labour’s axe some 10 years ago. No Labour protestors here; they stayed at home and let the closures happen!

Thanks Labour, this left Lydiate with no Post Office what so ever!

But now Labour are all upset over the future of Post Offices and were recently pictured outside Maghull’s Deyes Lane Post Office. The Deyes Lane Post Office is moving to Moss Lane Maghull, (not to be confused with Moss Lane Lydiate mentioned above) because the people running the business that includes the Post Office are retiring.

The move of the Post Office to Moss Lane is unpopular and will certainly be inconvenient for many who have long used the Deyes Lane business, but who is to blame for this? No one really, it is a combination of circumstances whereby a sub-postmaster wants to retire, no one in the Deyes Lane parade of shops seemingly wants to pick up/take on the Post Office business but, some distance away at Moss Lane, someone does want to take on the Post Office business. In effect the business will move unless a shop owner at the Deyes Lane shops agrees to integrate a Post Office facility within their present business or indeed set up a new business there.

So why then is Labour circulating a leaflet implying that the Lib Dems are responsible for what is happening to the Deyes Lane Post Office? Apart from simply misrepresenting the facts they must be trying to cover up their own wretched and quite recent history of Post Office closures both locally and nationally!

Cheeky beggars must think we all have short memories.