Pollution of the air we breath – seems this issue is finally being taken seriously


The BBC has the article of its web site – see link above

An issue that has not been high enough up the political agenda for a long time not least, I suspect, because often the most polluted areas are where the poorest people live.

Greenpeace – Air pollution is responsible for cutting short 40,000 lives in the UK every year.


Please consider supporting the Greenpeace petition available via the link above

Air pollution is responsible for cutting short 40,000 lives in the UK every year. It’s time for this government to take robust and steadfast action to address this national health emergency. Please create a bold action plan that cleans our air, reduces pollution and saves lives

I have raised concerns like this before on this very blog site in relation to HGV’s accessing the Port of Liverpool. Bootle in particular is a concern for air pollution locally but we are kidding ourselves if we think that it is not a problem for us all. The inside of own vehicles is often an air pollution hot spot as the air circulation systems suck pollutants in. You can help to reduce this problem by recirculating the air in your vehicle but you need to try to anticipate where and when to do this. I do it when I realise I am coming up behind a HGV or diesel taxi for instance.

Used car salesmen – Now its new car manufacturers that are the new dodgy

All our lives we have been suspicious of used car salespersons with a generally not to trusted attitude from Joe and Jane public towards them, rightly or wrongly.

But it seems from the VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat dishonesty that we should have had a far more weather eye on those making the cars!

I have had a dozen Skoda’s on the trot although I bought a Seat last time because the deal was better and of course they are all VW’s in reality.

As an environmental campaigner as well as someone who has bought 13 of their cars I am doubly sad that the dishonesty has meant that these car makers have been lying about the environmental impact of their cars.

Where to next for car for me? I will be sad to leave the VW group as the cars I have had have all been great but unless they get their act together soon I will be looking elsewhere next time I go out to buy a car.

Access to the Port of Liverpool – Looks like those in power (but not the Council) are finally talking to us!

The present Seaforth Docks and hinterland

The present Seaforth Docks and hinterland


I have commented on access to the Port of Liverpool at Seaforth numerous times and been very critical of the lack of communication about and the long-term planning for the virtually complete River Berth which will receive Post-Panamax size container ships.

Firstly, there’s a link at the top of this posting to Liverpool City Region/Liverpool Enterprise Partnership. Some of my most recent postings are also available below:-

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But as well as the article on the City Region web site there is issue No.1 of a newsletter doing the rounds from Highways England. It can be accessed via the link below. Look particularly at the Publications tab:-


Seaforth Docks seen from the Mersey with work going on to construct the river berth for Post-Panamax ships in August 2015.

Seaforth Docks seen from the Mersey with work going on to construct the river berth for Post-Panamax ships in August 2015.

So things are starting to happen in terms of engaging the people of Bootle, Seaforth, Netherton and South Sefton generally and not before time! However, I still think that Sefton Council should have been leading this process rather than peering out at what’s going on from the long grass hoping
no one will realise they are involved in this vital transport/environmental matter.

ACL container ship Atlantic Compass at Seaforth Dock.

ACL container ship Atlantic Compass at Seaforth Dock.

Is it really such a bright idea to consider putting a new road right through the middle of Rimrose Valley Country Park?!

Also, nothing much at all about rail access (I continue to note) which could have a really beneficial contribution to make in terms of getting polluting diesel lorries off Seaforth, Bootle and Netherton roads/the A5036. What are Network Rail doing/planning? Indeed, what are Sefton Council doing – hoping all this will slip through without them needing to get their hands dirty?

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With thanks to John H for the lead to this story.

Diesel powered cars – seems we were all conned!


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above


This thoughtful piece is worth a read because it does look like we were conned about the ‘benefits’ of diesel cars.

I for one was taken in and had a couple of diesel powered cars, maybe you were too?

‘Ground survey set to assess potential for Rimrose Valley road’

This was the headline in the Champion newspaper on 19th August and a sobering one it is too.

How many times have I commented on the complete lack of foresight and preparation for the soon to be completed river berth at Seaforth Docks? I lose count I really do but to consider churning up a Country Park for a relief road beggars belief. My last posting is here:-


Yes I know the Highways Agency (now Highways England) has been considering this option for years now, so long indeed that no one can quite recall when they first thought of it!

Frankly this carry on is probably the biggest local scandal to afflict the south of Sefton Borough. With the river berth about to be opened later this year virtually nothing has been done (except for the recent works to the big roundabout in Seaforth) to address the increased HGV traffic and the air pollution it brings with it.

Seaforth Docks seen from the Mersey with work going on to construct the river berth for Post-Panamax ships.

Seaforth Docks seen from the Mersey with work going on to construct the river berth for Post-Panamax ships.

Click on the photo to enlarge it

It’s as though no one has realised or wanted to realise that building the river berth for much larger ships will have significant environmental consequences for Seaforth, Waterloo, Bootle, Netherton etc. Only in the UK could we get ourselves into such a muddle of wishing an end result (bigger ships, better port facilities, more trade etc.) without at the same time planning for the movement of freight from the docks to the Motorway network and onto the rail network. Yet here we are in that muddle and one of the ‘solutions’, possibly the only one we presently know of, is to build a new road right through a County Park in a densely populated area.

Where are the improved rail facilities up to? Who if anyone is planning for them? Do Network Rail have a project in their sights to use the rail freight facility in its present guise to its greatest potential? Is the mothballed Aintree – Bootle line going to be brought back into use to help expand the rail freight capacity? Is the Seaforth dock railway link to be electrified so to relieve the communities living near to the rail line from diesel pollution?

So many questions but only a new road through a Country Park on the agenda or so it seems!

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