Lydiate – Dog fouling of park surrounding Lydiate Village Centre site

A few weeks ago Lydiate Parish Council took a tough decision that it would very much rather have not made. It closed the open space around Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane at times the Village Centre itself is not open.

Lydiate Village Centre

The reason? Excessive dog fouling of the grassed area leading to young children being put in conflict with the fouled area. Not surprisingly the move has upset local dog walkers who do clear up after their dogs. As with many anti-social activities it is the actions of the few who care little for our communities that ends up compromising the activities of people who do care, in this case the vast majority of dog walkers.

The Parish Council is looking for a long-term way keeping the open space accessible 24 – 7 whilst being able to control the fouling in a way that does not put playing youngsters at risk.

Who would be a postman/woman! – Royal Mail, Maghull

With dangerous dogs seeming more and more around our streets attacking people who would be a postwoman/man. It must be dangerous business.

This poster was seen in the Royal Mail Parcel Collection Point in Maghull’s Sorting Office. 3,000 post people bitten in one year! Click on the picture below to enlarge it.


I really do hope that the Royal Mail takes action whenever possible to prosecute irresponsible dog owners. Postmen and women should not have to put up with being attacked or being in continual fear of being bitten. I was attacked by a dog in a street in Thornton a few years ago and there was a successful prosecution. I am also aware of a dog attack on a Maghull street recently which the Police are looking into.