Better Days Ahead – Well there has to be surely

Above is a link to a most wonderful tune by jazz guitarist Norman Brown.

Hey things are more than a bit grim at present. The NHS is falling apart at the seams, the police are so under funded they struggle to protect us from crime, our schools are at breaking point with budget cuts, Northern would rather run buses than trains, Government is all at sea and their Official Opposition doesn’t seem to know how to oppose them. Trump keeps going bonkers, global warming is going to create a living hell for future generations and Brexit is going to see job losses, an economic downturn (yes we can keep going down!), less environmental protections…………. But you get my drift, as a progressive times have never been so tough – Thatcherism and Reaganomics were grim but we are are potentially on the road to far far worse.

So what do you do in the face of all this misery? You realise that there will be better days ahead as the electorate are sure to slam the brakes on whose they put in power and U-turn the political juggernaut away from the march towards fascism back to a progressive way forward. Well we’ve got to hope so because staying on the course the UK is presently on means a very poor outcome for us all but for the poor it does not bear thinking about!

But until May is put out of her misery and until Corbyn learns to oppose try listening to this tune by Norman Brown entitled Better Days Ahead, it will lift your weary soul…..

Trump and the NFL – This is a really interesting insight

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Trump often seems to be on missions that few can get their heads around and yes, I know, we have some pretty strange politicians of the far right over here too.

What I like about this insight is that it probably hits the spot in that Trump may well be someone who simply hits out at whatever is irritating him at any particular moment. It’s also the case that folks are probably learning how to push his buttons. So when he berates the NFL footballers for kneeling when the US national anthem is being played you can bet those who dislike his ‘orders’ will start to press his buttons and good on them too.

Trump – Was Bercow wise to say what he thought from the Speaker’s Chair?

It came as quite a surprise yesterday when the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, made it very clear that he thought American President Donald Trump should not be allowed to address the Parliament.

Of course the Speaker rarely, if ever, gives a personal opinion and remains neutral but whilst the outburst was a surprise and it may not have been the wisest of moves he was probably saying what many people and MP’s had been thinking ever since the Prime Minister lost her head and invited Trump to meet the Queen.

What on earth possessed Mrs Mayday to think Trump would be welcome here other than her desperate need to gain a trade deal with him because of Brexit?

Our country is in crisis because of Brexit and due to Labour abdicating any responsibility for being an opposition so, on this occasion, I think a bit of Leadership from the Speaker was just the jolt that our Brexit crazy MP’s needed. Whether it will sober them up is a different matter. Expect maverick Speaker Bercow to be used to distract folks from the real issues now.

USA-UK Trade Deal – Don’t forget to chlorinate our chickens!!!

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

Well Mrs May(day) what else are you going to allow the US to sell over here in your all too desperate plea to Donald for a UK-US trade deal!

Of course you could continue to trade favourably with neighbouring EU countries; have you thought about that logical alternative?

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting