Gun Crime on Merseyside – Another sobering revelation

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

How many times have I posted on this subject? Too many is the answer but it shows what an uphill battle it is to try to get guns off our streets. I get the impression that Merseyside Police must struggle to keep a lid on this menace in our local communities. And that’s not meant to be critical of their efforts more that it is a far bigger problem than they or us would ever have imagined it growing into a few years ago.

Is this not another reminder of how the drugs trade fuels violent crime and how our drug laws are simply not working in the UK? I think this may well be the case and Government needs to radically look at how our failed drugs laws can be changed. What is the point of laws that effectively lead to more crime being committed?

Norman Baker MP – Great to see a Minister tackling “mindless rhetoric” on drugs

The BBC has the story – see link Above.


Great to see Norman Baker raising this important issue. Outside of the Tory press many, many people are of the view (including me) that the UK’s present policies on drugs are simply not working, never have done and never will do. Norman Baker is a highly respected commentator on many things but his views on this matter really do hit the spot. Nice to see a Lib Dem Minister making the Tories and indeed Labour squirm as their ridiculous attitude to drugs, which is little more than ‘let’s ramp up the punishments’ simply does not work.