Downholland – The strange Rimmer’s Bridge destruction event

This is the base of the bridge control cabinet which was completely destroyed in the incident.

As bizarre criminal events go this is one of the oddest I have come across in a long time. Here’s the take on it from Ormskirk Live:-

And here’s the matter as on Ormskirk Police Facebook Page:-

Looking north from Rimmer’s Bridge.

The obvious question is why go to so much trouble to cause so much damage to a canal swing bridge out in rural West Lancashire? The bridge is accessed via Eagar Lane Lydiate or Green’s Lane Downholland and I cycle over it regularly, indeed I took the photos in this posting on Sunday 28th April whilst out riding.

Was it a planned and deliberate act to stop the bridge from being opened for boats, narrow boats and barges on the Leeds Liverpool Canal? If so why? Someone with a grudge against the Canal & River Trust or is there some alternative reason for this very costly destruction?

As I say one of the most bizarre criminal incidents that I can recall. I guess it’s going to be a real eye opener when the culprits are caught and taken to court.

Lydiate Nostalgia – The Water Mill

I recently purchased the photo below which looks to have been taken for use as a postcard originally.

Watermill at Lydiate

Click on the photo to enlarge it

The site of the mill is on Eagar Lane near the rising of a well or spring according to my Formby and Maghull Ordnance Survey Pathfinder map of 1992. In fact the site is right on the boundary between Lydiate and Downholland Civil Parishes with the mill stream being the boundary, I think. This is also the Sefton Borough/Merseyside – West Lancashire/Lancashire boundary.

Here is the site as it looks today:-

Lydiate Water Mill Wheel site 06 15 r

The first photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-