Ed Balls – He will not be turning back all the Coalition cuts?

When I read this recently I thought no it can’t be true. Labour nationally and locally have objected to all the Coalition’s cuts and savings so clearly they would be reversing them if they came into government again.

But no, it seems Labour have indeed said they will not be reversing the Coalition savings! Is this not saying one thing but doing just the opposite? Indeed, Labour are planning even deeper cuts in local government if they gain power at Westminster!

What about all those young people that Labour marched around Maghull protesting about cuts in youth services that Sefton Council was then implementing. It seems those young people were very much misled or could it be said lied to?

Mm, Labour as decentralisers – this would be huge leap of faith in my book

Labour would transfer £30bn of funding from central to local government to “begin reversing a century of centralisation”, Ed Miliband has said. Discussing the plans, Mr Miliband said that they were not about “big spending” but rather “big reform”. Meanwhile, Ed Balls added that the party had “big ideas” about devolution of powers, long-term infrastructure spending and manufacturing. He said Labour wanted to introduce “more devolution of power to our cities and our county regions, more devolution of housing spending, job spend, skills and business support”.

As carried by Yorkshire Post, newspaper and BBC News

This is one of those situations where I hope an opposition party really does mean what it says but history would urge great caution because Labour are by their very socialist nature centralisers of power. But even if the leopard really is contemplating changing its spots will Labour do it via the appalling route of City Region all-powerful Mayors. If so then all we will have is power being decentralised from Westminster only for it be re-centralised at a sub-regional level in the hands of one person.

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.

Miliband/Balls – Labour’s big cuts in public expenditure start to take shape

Labour plans to end automatic benefits for young jobless

Middle-class parents could be responsible for looking after their children until they are 22 if they cannot find a job, under new plans outlined by the Labour leader Ed Miliband. Under a Labour government, Mr Miliband will end the automatic entitlement to Jobseeker’s Allowance for people aged between 18 and 21. It will be replaced by a means-tested benefit based on parental income. It will also be conditional on young adults taking part in training courses and trying to find work. Mr Miliband’s pledge reflects a recognition of anger among some voters that some people are getting “something for nothing” out of the welfare system. A YouGov poll for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has found that 78% of people believe that the welfare system is failing to reward people who have worked and contributed to it. Mr Miliband will also back proposals for local councils to be given more control of the housing benefit budget.

Yesterday in the Guardian, Page: 1, 4 The Independent, Page: 8 Independent I, Page: 4

Why you can almost hear the howls of indignation from the Labour Party should this ‘cuts’ proposal have come from the Coalition Government!

Labour won’t scrap NPPF

The Labour Party has said it will not reform the Coalition Government’s National Planning Policy Framework rules.

Mm, this certainly makes some big speeches on Sefton Council from Labour members look a little out of touch with their own Party does it not!

Labour have become the party that opposes everything the Coalition Government does but then says it will not change anything! Keeping the economic policies, keeping the planning policies, keeping pretty much everything, or so it seems, except of course for the odd lick of paint over a policy here and there to try to make it look a little different when it’s 99% the same.

Left wing rhetoric with right wing policies, an odd combination indeed.

Balls and those huge public spending cuts he will make if Labour wins the next election


The BBC has the story above.

Why give the keys back to the party that crashed the car? Why indeed. But if you are a Labour campaigner or councillor in Sefton, as I pointed out quite recently, there will seemingly be no further cuts!

I think the local Sefton comrades and those of a similar ilk across the Country will be in for the biggest shock of their lives if a Labour Government gets elected in 2015 because Labour will be bring in further and greater cuts in public expemditure than anyone has seen in living memory.

Sefton’s Labour Leader barracked by anti-cuts campaigners

One thing the Labour party can’t be accused of these days is being Socialist, the speeches of Shadow Cabinet members Ed Balls and Rachel Reeves prove that. Labour is openly talking about bigger and deeper welfare cuts if Labour gets re-elected and them sticking to Coalition spending limits etc.

Yet on Council’s such as Sefton the Labour members, or at least a significant number of them, are Socialists and they say they stand for a very different set of values to those the Labour Party very clearly now stands for. The obvious question is how can Labour move forward with such fundamentally opposing views within it? But also, why do true Socialists who are Labour members want to get their party elected when it is openly saying it will do what they abhor?

The Sefton budget meeting last Thursday saw all this in the raw as the Council’s Labour Leader was barracked by Socialists in the public gallery, who have left or maybe were never in the Labour Party and cries of ‘Tories’ were heard ringing out as Peter Dowd proposed the Labour Budget.

I know that Labour is said to be a broad church but frankly how can Labour politicians who propose bigger and deeper welfare cuts sit side by side in the same Party as those who still espouse the the testaments of Militant? Answers on a post card…………………….