Ed Balls – He will not be turning back all the Coalition cuts?

When I read this recently I thought no it can’t be true. Labour nationally and locally have objected to all the Coalition’s cuts and savings so clearly they would be reversing them if they came into government again.

But no, it seems Labour have indeed said they will not be reversing the Coalition savings! Is this not saying one thing but doing just the opposite? Indeed, Labour are planning even deeper cuts in local government if they gain power at Westminster!

What about all those young people that Labour marched around Maghull protesting about cuts in youth services that Sefton Council was then implementing. It seems those young people were very much misled or could it be said lied to?

‘Labour would make savings of £500m in local government’ – Miliband – but not so keen to talk about their other cuts!

Goodness me the party that has previous said that virtually every cut in local government finances was unnecessary and has all but tried to give the impression that Labour would reverse all the cuts is now saying it will make an additional £500m cut in local government finances!

Now call me a cynic but could it be that Labour have been leading the Country up the garden path with all sorts of promises they have no intention of keeping?

And another take on Miliband’s plans…………..

Miliband rules out deficit cut details

Ed Miliband has stated that Labour will not reveal the level of cuts it intends to make to balance the current deficit until after the election.

That’s because potential Labour voters would be so horrified they would not vote for them at all!

Spinning so fast it’s a blur – Tories utterly paniced by UKIP

You can tell when political leaders are feeling the heat as they will claim just about anything to keep their heads above water.

What with the Tories, and indeed Labour, having their heads pushed under water by UKIP’s mixture of popularism, racism, socialism, nationalism and just about any other negative ‘ism’ you can think of the Tory leadership is desperately claiming black is white over the EU invoice that the UK is being told to pay. Labour on the other hand is trying to keep UKIP leaning supporters on side by agreeing with UKIP over this bill that has presented been for settlement.

Cameron a left wing Tory, who is in favour of staying in Europe, is being pushed by those Tories on the verge of defecting to UKIP and is all but being held to ransom.

But poor old Miliband, as if he did not have enough trouble keeping his head up in the deep end of Labour’s own churning pool, is seeing his ‘working class supporters’ threaten to march off to UKIP’s tune as well.

It’s amazing to see how UKIP, who seem to stand for just about anything folks are upset about, can cause such panic in the political classes. Just imagine them in Government; right wing ex-Tories, socialists who have given up on Labour, racists, anti-Europeans, popularists for what ever the flavour of the days is – well at least it would be entertaining! Trouble is our economy would soon be in utter ruin again and climate change would not be tackled at all.

Our political leaders would be well advised to start telling the truth about the economy and our desperately fragile environment because they have only got themselves into UKIP’s deep hole by being economical with the truth. Trouble is where are the political leaders who folks would listen to and trust? John Smith, Charles Kennedy……….

Miliband has the skids put under him by his own troops.

Ed Miliband has dismissed as “nonsense” reports that he might be forced out as the Labour leader by his own backbenchers. He was forced to address rumours about a leadership challenge after reports that at least two backbenchers had called for him to step down to avoid a defeat at the next election.

According to the BBC, MP’s from the north-west of England have discussed moving to a defensive strategy in a bid to hold on to their seats, rather than an offensive one aimed at winning the election. Meanwhile, two polls have suggested Scottish Labour is on course to lose most of its Westminster seats in Scotland.

Well I think we all saw this one coming except maybe Ed himself. Political leaders who folk have trust in are in short supply these days but this poor chap has never looked the part and Labour supporters have said this to me quite openly.

Labour dissent over Milband policies

Labour grass roots have accused a selection of Ed Miliband’s flagship policies of being “catastrophic, pathetic and wishy-washy”, reports the Times. Policies attacked include those on the economy, housing, welfare reform and education.

No surprise here, Miliband is another poor political leader and you don’t have to chat with a Labour Party members for long for this issue to pop out.

People-powered public services – What even in a socialist rebublic like Sefton!

Miliband plans to reverse century of centralisation

Ed Miliband has said a Labour government would begin to reverse a “century of centralisation”, with legislation to return powers and billions of pounds of funding to councils in England. He said he would chart a course away from the “old top-down command model” towards what he called an era of “people-powered public services”. In an article in the Guardian, Mr Miliband says he also wants to introduce a proper examination of council spending. He explains he wants each local authority to “have its own Margaret Hodge”, a reference to the chair of House of Commons public accounts committee. “The next government will introduce a statutory requirement for local authorities to set up a public accounts committee with powers to scrutinise value for money for all services in their area,” he states.

The Guardian, Page: 6, 25 The Herald, Page: 11

This is a further development on Ed Miliband’s recent vision for local government and frankly it should not be sniffed at on one level. However, let’s look at the reality of how power is actually exercised in a local authority like Sefton which Ed’s Party controls. It’s a very different world to one that Ed lives in or espouses.

Sefton has become a top down command model at a local level under Labour and as for people-powered public services I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Ed says he wants to introduce a proper examination of council spending, yet in Sefton Labour jealously guards the position of chair of the Council’s Audit and Governance Committee for a Labour councillor instead of following best practice and handing this local ‘Margaret Hodge’ position to an opposition member.

My point here is that Labour in Westminster is a very different beast to Labour as it actually runs local authorities. Could Ed realise this and is he really attacking his own troops who are running Councils across the Country in a way he disapproves of?