Smart Meters – I remain a sceptic

I’ve covered this issue a number of times on this blog site and am still sceptical of smart meters myself. Here’s an article from the USwitch web site:-

Would be interested to hear of others views though, both positive and negative.

Utility Smart Meters – Seems best not to volunteer for one before the planned national roll-out

I posted not long ago about the smart meters that are not very smart if you change your electricity/gas supplier. That original posting can be read again here:-

John Pugh MP (Southport) gained a reply from Government via Lord Bourne and gist of it, at least my gist of it, is beware await the national roll-out of smart meters that will be compatible across all the gas and electricity suppliers and watch out for a utility company that wants to install one of their own that may not be compatible if your switch suppliers.

With thanks to Roy Connell for this update