Nodding Donkeys – The Pacer, a bus on railway wheels, is still sadly with us

A Pacer at Preston Station

I came across the You Tube video (see link below) pretty much by chance even though it’s on a matter I have blogged about a number of times before i.e. the infamous ‘Nodding Donkeys’ of the railway world made from bus bodies and freight van trucks. However Southport rail campaigner Eric Woodcock is on the video explaining in straight forward terms how the much derided Pacer trains came about. It’s an interesting watch……

Inside a down at heel Pacer on the Ormskirk Preston Line

My good friend and former MP for Southport John Pugh campaigned to rid us of these terrible trains and here’s a link back to his work on the matter:-

Southport – Machester Trains – Why travellers & commuters are fighting the downgrading of their line

If you or your family/friends travel to Manchester from Southport the video linked above will be of interest.

Parbold Station Level Crossing on the Southport – Manchester Line

I have covered the work of the campaigners who are trying to stop the downgrading of this important railway line many times before. It is being led by the Ormskirk, Preston & Southport Travellers Association (OPSTA) and the Southport Rail Transport Forum (SRTF) and they are jointly doing a great job in trying to hold Northern Rail, Rail North, Network Rail etc. to account.

Southport Rail Transport Forum logo

They have the active campaigning support of MP’s along the line with Southport’s retiring MP John Pugh being a staunch supporter.

Departure board at Southport Station.

There is a long way to go with this campaign. The video outlines the situation well but sadly it is far from clear that the rail powers that be will fall in behind the campaigners and MP’s.