What Ed Miliband has to say about UKIP


This amusing youtube video sums up Labour’s ‘what do we do or say about UKIP’ dilemma. Ed is seemingly afraid to debate with UKIP, he is worried that working class Labour voters will defect to UKIP and is unwilling to challenge this deeply illiberal Party – UKIP I mean in case you were wondering!.

Nick Clegg takes a lot of stick from the right wing press, because he often stops right wing Tories doing mad things in Parliament, but he was the only political leader willing to take on UKIP and he deserves credit for doing what Cameron and Miliband were not prepared to do. Considering that both Cameron and Miliband claim to be in favour of Europe their lack of guts, in ducking an encounter with UKIP, does them little credit.

Nick Clegg’s New Year Message – Not for the ears of the Europe haters!


Click the link above or scroll down directly to the video (below right) to watch.

Nice to see Nick making the case for Europe as firmly as this especially as walking away from it will most probably return the UK economy to ruin.

We all know where the one trick pony of UKIP stands but with both Tories and Labour running scared of them 2014 is going to be interesting. Let’s just remind ourselves of which parties have the most to fear from a good UKIP electoral performance.