Everton – What on earth was Joe Anderson up to?


The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

For an elected Mayor of anywhere to call for a police investigation into a footballer being transferred strikes me as being utterly bizarre.

Liverpool Record Office – The Everton Collection

This may well interest those of you with a thirst for knowledge about the blue half of Liverpool.

The leaflet was picked up by Sheila at Liverpool Central Library for Phil Holden, a die-hard Blues chum of ours but I thought it worthy of wider circulation. So here it is:-

Click on the scanned pages above to be able to read them.

My shot of Goodison Park from a high vantage point in Bootle.

Everton – Stadium funding part of wider scheme

Liverpool City Council has ruled out the possibility of underwriting the full cost of a new stadium for Everton saying that it can only provide investment for “a wider regeneration scheme”.

In today’s Times Page: 68, Independent Page: 72, Guardian Sport, Page: 5

Is not unraveling already I hope!

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.

Everton FC – A nice touch but in Sefton we need to find a way to similarly celebrate Southport FC


The BBC has the story and it made me start to think about how our local senior football team could be celebrated in a public and noticeable way.

Here is the Southport FC crest:-


How about projecting an image of the crest onto Southport Town Hall for example. It would help to bolster Southport’s independent civic pride and support Sefton’s leading football club, which admittedly is going through a tough patch at present. Just an idea, I am sure others may have better ones.