Feet on seats – Merseyrail are big on stopping this

You can’t have travelled on Merseyrail without noticing the signs telling passengers not to put their feet on seats and the other day I saw the rule being enforced on a Liverpool – Ormskirk train when a young lady was approached by on-board security officers.

They spoke to her very reasonably (I happened to be just across the gangway from them) and she was let off with what seemed to be caution.

Most of us see this practice as being anti-social but I recently read why public transport operators are so keen to put a stop to it. A Doctor at the University of Arizona discovered in a 2008 study of over nearly 3,000 shoes that 96 percent had coliforms and E coli on them. This means shoes are in contact with faecal matter much of the time we walk the streets.

Merseyrail – No feet on the seats but it’s OK for penguins and chimps!

Any passenger on Liverpool’s Merseyrail trains can’t have failed to have noticed that the train company rightly takes a very dim view of people putting their feet on the seats, indeed there are stickers like this in every carriage:-

No feet on the seats r

But hang on a minute on Moorfields underground station there is this poster:-

Feet on the seats r

Does this not clearly indicate that if you are a chimp or a penguin that feet on the seats is actually OK?!