Highbanks/Southport Road, Lydiate – Flooding Problem

Cllr. Andrew Blackburn and I attended a site meeting today in Highbanks with Sefton’s Chief Drainage Engineer Sam Dimba.

The meeting, called for by residents, was associated with a long-running flooding problem that caused a house in Highbanks to be internally flooded in September 2012. My postings of 25th September, 1st October and 3rd October 2012 refer.

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

Highbanks is quite close to where I live so I have become well acquainted with the flooding which I am told is associated with a culverted stream that runs under Soutport Road, into Highbanks under some gardens and then under the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

The flooding of September 2012 was bad and both United Utilities and Sefton Council have been investigating the cause of it. A blockage in the culvert seems to be the issue and work is to be undertaken next week to try to right things.

Let’s hope for a good result although that will clearly depend on further investigations after the known blockage is cleared. I suspect there are no guarantees here.

School Lane, Maghull – The flooding is still not resolved but we may have a better idea of why it keeps happening

Sand bags at the ready!

Sand bags at the ready!

I have been pursuing this problem for a couple of months, following resident complaints and raised it at the February meeting of the East Parishes Area Committee as did Cllr. Bruce Hubbard.

We have thought for some time that surface water flowing off the site where the new prison was to have been built could be the cause and recent heavy rain has confirmed this is at least a contributory factor. Indeed, some sand bags have had to be placed around the pedestrian crossing to help to control the water.

Sefton Council really does need to get to the bottom of this as the continual flow of water is ruining the road surface of what is a busy connection with the M58 Motorway.”