Ford Escort MK1 – Museum of Liverpool exhibit made me think back!

I’ve blogged on this subject before – here’s my previous posting from 2018:-

This has been my 3rd posting on the excellent Museum of Liverpool exhibition – Liverpool on Wheels – curated by Land Transport Curator Sharon Brown. If you can go have a gander at it, I think you’ll agree it’s excellent

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Ford Escort 50th Anniversary – I had the MK1-ASP Model

The BBC has a video about the 50 anniversary of this iconic car – see link above

When I’m asked what my first car was I say a red Escort MK1-ASP and those who know about cars respond by saying ‘I’ve never heard of an Escort ASP’ or words to that effect. So what was an Escort ASP? – All Spare Parts!

Caricature of a Ford Escort Mexico – Every ‘Boy Racer’ wanted one of these in the 1970’s

The car was knocking on when I bought it 3rd or 4th hand in 1976 and frankly it felt like I had it completely rebuilt by the time I sold it on again. Apart from the engine block pretty much everything else mechanical failed in the 3 or so years I had the car. And as for rust, it was the era when cars were meant to rust away although my following Vauxhall Viva and Chevette cars were even more rust prone.

Yet despite all the troubles I had with that car I still have fond memories of it, if I think with my heart instead of my head that is. There’s a Brexit analogy in there for some folks I guess:-)

With thanks to Keith Page for the photo opportunity