Bootle – Sat in Gregs cafe debating with Jen the mess the UK is in and then…..

There we were, Jen and I sat discussing the political and social mess that the UK is in over a cup of tea in Gregs Bootle Strand cafe. We ranged over a number of things such as the Tories turning into UKIP, Labour seemingly becoming narrow nationalists and being unable to be the opposition in Parliament and how selfish we seem to have become as a Brexit nation.

Next to us there was a chap sat on his own whom it turned out was interested in our conversation because he jumped up and said that we needed to cut foreign aid and get rid of the Human Rights Act. With that he left the cafe.

What was all that about? Was he a Tory, UKIP or Labour supporter? Why does he think that reducing human rights is a good idea? What good does he think will come of us getting rid of foreign aid? Why did he feel the need to express his views to us whilst exiting the cafe?

What are we turning into, I ask again?