2019 Parish Council elections in Sefton Borough – Some interesting situations

I’m a bit of a parish council nut as I’ve been a parish councillor since 1985 and always seek out quirky things on the notice boards of parish councils when I travel around England.

This year was the year in which all parish councils were potentially up for re-election. Unlike most district and Borough councils (who tend to elected in thirds) parish councils are elected once every 4 years when the whole of the council is potentially at the mercy of the electorate. Some parish councils however never really have elections as only enough or too few nominations are forthcoming and candidates are elected unopposed.

There are 10 parish councils within Sefton Borough – they are:-

Little Altcar PC – had an election
Formby PC – had an election
Ince Blundell PC – no election
Thornton PC – no election
Hightown PC – no election
Sefton PC – had an election in one of its 2 wards
Melling PC – had an election
Lydiate PC – had an election in all 3 wards
Maghull TC* – had an election but only in one of its 4 wards
Aintree Village PC – no election

* There is no real difference between a Parish or Town Council other than a Town Council can elect a Mayor instead of a Chairperson

Here are a few highlights from the elections which took place on 2nd May at the same time as the Sefton Borough elections

Little Altcar Parish Council (7 seats) – Formby Residents Action Group 6, Green Party 1

Formby Parish Council (15 seats across 2 wards) – Formby Residents Action Group 11, Conservatives 3, Labour 1

Ince Blundell Parish Council (5 seats) – Only 3 nominations for the 5 seats on this council – Independents 2, Formby Residents Action Group 1 (all elected unopposed), vacancies 2.

Thornton Parish Council (7 seats) – Only 2 nominations for the 7 seats on this council – Conservative 1, Green 1 (both elected unopposed), vacancies 5 * – potentially the additional 5 seat can be filled by the 2 unopposed/elected councillors co-opting up to another 5 councillors? Could be time to consult the Bible of Parish Council administration by Charles Arnold-Baker.

Hightown Parish Council (7 seats) – Only 5 nominations for the 7 seats on this council – Independents 5 (all elected unopposed) Vacancies 2.

Sefton Parish Council (7 seats across 2 wards) – Independents 6, Green Party 1

Melling Parish Council (11 seats) – Melling Resident 8, Labour 1, Independent 1, Asst Leader Cub Scouts 1 – Labour put up 12 candidates for the 11 seats but only got one elected. However, a Labour Borough Councillor for Molyneux ward (which includes Melling Parish) stood as a Melling Resident and came top of the poll.

Lydiate Parish Council (9 seats in 3 wards) – Labour 7, Lib Dem 2

Maghull Town Council (16 seats in 4 wards) – Labour 12, Conservative 2, Independent 1, Vacancy 1 – Labour effectively lost 4 seats having previously held all 16 on this council. It seems that a candidate elected under the Labour banner subsequently declared as an Independent after the elections. It also looks like a Labour member of this council sits on Melling Parish Council as well but as a Melling Resident not as a Labour councillor.

Aintree Village Parish Council – (12 seats across 2 wards) – Independent 8, Green 2, Labour 2 (all elected unopposed)

My thanks to Andrew Blackburn who helped me trawl through information on Sefton Council’s and other websites to pull together this information. I hope the information is correct but if you see an error please flag it up so that I can correct it.

Oh and one final note – Vacancies on Parish/Town Council can be filled by an election being held, however, if no candidates come forward to stand in an election then the council has the power to co-opt people to fill the vacancies.

Lydiate – Parish Council to oppose fracking?

Well I hope so and the issue is now on the table following Independent Borough Councillor Pat O’Hanlon informing parish councillors that Formby Town Council had resolved to oppose fracking.


Like Pat I am against fracking on environmental grounds. Sadly there is potential for it to happen under Lydiate if applications are approved to pursue licenses that I think were put in place by government around 2008/9?

This is what Formby Town Council has approved:-

‘The Parish Council support renewable energy in Formby, particularly solar farms and off-shore wind turbines where these are in keeping with local character. However, due to the geology of the area, notably the shale and sandstone layers and faults, fracking is considered to be inappropriate and will not be supported.’

Formby – Parish Council falls to Fragoff

Well here’s a story of some significance as the Parish/Town Council election results (declared today) did not all follow the Labour Party band wagon in the Sefton Central Constituency.


Take Formby where Fragoff (Community Action Not Party Politics) have won a majority of seats on the Council which was previously a Tory stronghold. Oddly this does somewhat contradict the Borough Council results for Formby where the 3 seats up this year went 1 to the Tories and 2 to Labour with the Fragoff candidates being rejected, if only just, by the electorate.

If my calculations are right Formby Town Council is now 9 Fragoff councillors, 1 Labour and 5 Tories – Tell me if I have these numbers wrong.

The significance of this is that Fragoff are genuine environmental campaigners whom I have worked with in recent years. Congratulations to their campaigners.

My guess is that our local Labour rulers would much rather Formby Parish Council have stayed Tory as Fragoff have been giving them a lot of grief over their (Labour’s) building plans for Sefton’s Green Belt and on high grade agricultural land in the Borough.