Formby – Temporary repairs done on cycle/footpath route

I posted a few days ago about the damaged cycle/footbridge over a stream just south of Formby – my previous posting is accessible via the link above – and am pleased to say that some temporary repairs have been completed.

Here’s a couple of shots of the temporary repairs taken by Roy Connell.

Thanks to Sefton Council’s Footpath Officer for acting quickly to try to make the bridge safe. I understand that the bridge is to be replaced by Sefton Council.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Formby – Footpath/Cycle path bridge collapsing

Word gets around that I sit on the Sefton Rights of Way Liaison Group and I have recently been asked to press Sefton Council to take action to repair the bridge just at the north end of Altcar Rifle Range, close to the Southport – Liverpool railway line where the path emerges from beside the Range and railway into open land before reaching the southern end of Formby at Andrews Lane.

The photos below show how damaged this bridge is:-

It’s been in a poor state for a number of weeks now and clearly there’s a potential for an accident so I hope Sefton can put things right ASAP.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

The Sefton Coast – Cycling it from Ainsdale to Crosby

Yesterday, together with Roy Connell (who is often credited on this blog site for unearthing interesting subjects) I cycled from Ainsdale to Crosby (and the Iron Men) along the Sefton Coast through Formby, Hightown and Altcar Riffle Range.

Despite having lived in Sefton all my adult life I had not previously done this route either walking of cycling.

The stretch from Formby through Hightown and onto Crosby is very interesting and the cycle/footpaths are in great condition.

Well worth tackling this stretch of the Sefton Coast if you have access to a bike or like a long walk.

The photo above is sadly of me (or is that of a sad me?) and was taken by Roy and dubbed the ‘Yellow Peril’ – I wonder why?

I may well start to blog about cycling trips in the future if readers are unlucky!

Formby – More on those tragedies that have happened where Fisherman’s Path crosses the Liverpool – Southport railway line.

I was recently able to pick up on what is going on or indeed not going on with regard to this notorious railway level crossing point where there have been a number of fatalities in recent times.

Readers of this blog site and Sefton/Merseyside based newspapers will know that the fatal accidents have received a lot of publicity but must also be wondering why little is seemingly happening to make this crossing point safer?

The ball seems to be firmly in Network Rail’s court and my understanding is that their preference is to close the Fisherman’s Path crossing point altogether. Yes they did come up with a pedestrian bridge solution a while back, which was rejected by Sefton Council on the basis that it did not adequately address the legitimate need for people to be able to cross the railway at this point on what is after all a public right of way.

There are clearly other solutions available to Network Rail such as automatic locking gates triggered by approaching trains, warning lights, a disability accessible bridge etc. However, from Sefton Council’s perspective, Network Rail have yet to put a solution on the table which addresses all issues at this crossing point.

From what I hear Sefton Council are not holding the job up but are simply saying to Network Rail, no you can’t have it closed altogether – come up with a sustainable safe solution that keeps the public right of way open. Trouble is fatal accidents keep on happening so we could do with Network Rail getting on with it without further delay.

Sadly this crossing is one that has seen suicide attempts.

Formby – Just how many more deaths will there be at Fisherman’s Crossing?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Yet another tragedy has taken place where Fisherman’s Path crosses the Liverpool Southport railway line at Formby.

Surely these deaths must mean that Network Rail and Sefton Council have to agree a safe solution soon otherwise it’s odds on that another death is likely to follow all the others to date.

Maghull, Formby, Crosby – Where’s the Sefton Council make-over for the communities in the middle of the Borough?

I have recently posted about Sefton Council’s plans to ‘make-over’ Bootle (to the tune of £100m) and Southport (to an unspecified amount other than a £2.77m investment in the pier) but let’s not forget about the middle of Sefton Borough.

Sefton Council Logo

Sefton Council Logo

How is Sefton Council planning to ‘make-over’ say the town centres of Maghull, Crosby, Formby for example? And where’s cash strapped Sefton going to get the funds from, public and/or indeed private, to splash say £300m on the Borough’s communities? I say £300m as it would surely not be unreasonable to invest £100m on the communities in middle of the Borough (and indeed Southport) to match the £100m promised for Bootle, would it not?

All we ask for is parity of investment across Sefton’s diverse communities. No one would want the Borough to invest in one community whilst ignoring others now would they. And while we are at it let’s not forget that communities like Lydiate, Aintree Village & Maghull are already at a disadvantage under our Sefton Labour rulers because the Council Tax payers in those communities pay twice for their parks and gardens to be maintained!

So come on Sefton Labour let’s see the extra £97m to be invested in Southport and a round £100m to be invested in the Sefton Central communities.