Japanese Knotweed, Foxhouse Lane Maghull and Charles Walker


The Daily Telegraph has the article on its web site – see link above

My dear friend Cllr. Charles Walker, who died in January 2017, devoted quite a bit of energy into trying to push Railtrack/Network Rail to kill off an infestation of Japanese Knotweed in Maghull’s Foxhouse Lane. It seemed to be a tough task which needed deep invasive treatment of the ground on a yearly basis and he had to keep on at them to do the work.

I guess from what we now read, getting rid of Knotweed is all but impossible?

The state of our road surfaces – On your bike

Tony cycling in Aughton, West Lancs

One thing you get to know about as a cyclist is the state of our local road surfaces.

Yes I know we all moan about them but here in Sefton we generally have far better road surfaces (excepting of course the appalling but just fixed surface in Foxhouse Lane of recent times) than neighbouring West Lancashire or indeed Liverpool. Liverpool is of course legendary for its poor road surfaces going back as far as I can remember to the 1960’s.

Yes I’m sure readers of this blog site may well wish to give me a list of Sefton roads that are beyond the pale but seriously West Lancs road users could surely and easily produce a list 10 times longer in my view.

Two lanes in Aughton and one in Downholland to beware of. If you want a good shaking up on your bike try Winifred Lane near to the A59 roundabout, or for a dodge the pot-hole slalom ride try Bold Lane. Greens Lane (which becomes Eagar Lane when it gets into Lydiate) is also a very rough either side of the Leeds Liverpool Canal (Rimmer’s) swing bridge.

Maghull – Foxhouse Lane road surface

I was contacted recently by a resident raising concerns about the state of the road surface at the junctions of Foxhouse Lane and Eastway/Poverty Lane & Foxhouse Lane with Deyes Lane.

As I don’t represent Maghull these days on the Council (I’m a Lydiate Councillor) I passed the concerns on to a local Borough councillor. But then I picked up on further concerns about the state of this road via comments on Facebook.

Today I was delivering Christmas cards and it being an early Sunday morning run the usually busy Foxhouse Lane was quiet so I had a look at the road surface at these two locations; it’s bad!


Click on the photo to enlarge it

Here’s a photo of the Foxhouse Lane/Eastway/Poverty Lane junction where you can see that the new top surface is coming away with mounds of stones across the carriageway. It’s just as bad at the Foxhouse Lane/Deyes Lane junction.

Was the surface put down with double-sided sticky tape?! Seems Sefton Council needs to get their contractor back to do these areas again to me.