General Election – Final thoughts

Teresa May is an appalling politician in my view. She comes across as harsh and uncaring. Her attack on pensioners is breathtaking via her Dementia Tax. And on the very Brexit issue she claimed to have called the election on she has clarified nothing whilst looking just like the very last person you would want to be negotiating with the EU for us.

Jeremy Corbyn is an old fashioned socialist from the 1970’s with a hankering for nationalisation. However, on the issue of poverty he is far from being robust. My view is that despite what looks like a left wing Labour Party they have all but abandoned the poor and those with nothing. Top that with backing Brexit and Labour are not really a progressive party at all.

Tim Farron is someone that I voted for in the party leadership election some time back. I do have my differences with him on issues such as Right to Die where I believe he has been fundamentally wrong. But on the wider picture he comes across as a true Liberal who is passionate about fighting for those with nothing. He’s condemned the Tories Dementia tax, he’s strong on environmental policy, he is a big backer of the NHS and of our personal freedoms which Teresa in particular wants to curtail.

Well you knew it anyway if you are a regular reader of this blog site – I’ll be voting for Tim’s party the Lib Dems.

Freedom – Human Rights Act – Why the Tories are wrong

Seen at Merseyside's International Sleaveery Museum

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The Human Rights Act helps guarantee all our freedoms, yes even for those people we don’t like or respect at all, because if we are not all free and have the same rights none of us are free.

The photo above comes from a large plaque in Merseyside’s International Slavery Museum and it sums up what freedom and human rights are all about. Once you try to start to define sections of society who will have rights and freedoms you have to decide who will not have them. Beware you or a person close to you may end up with less rights than you or you less rights than them! Is that the society the Tories want because of their irrational hatred of universal rights?