Clegg’s bid to stop developments on Green Belt land

Clegg ‘Put partisan politics aside for housing solution’

In an article for the Telegraph, Deputy PM Nick Clegg calls on David Cameron to publish a prospectus for future housing developments including plans to build two garden cities in Kent and Buckinghamshire. A report on future developments is said to have been drawn up as long as two years ago, however, the Conservatives have repeatedly denied that a report on garden cities exists. Mr Clegg said: “We need to create planned communities: whole new towns with the infrastructure and amenities they need. Bloated towns and cities are being forced to expand further bit by bit, and the green belt is being eaten away. Garden cities are a way of protecting the countryside. It is possible to create them without building on any green belt, National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. And by doing it we could deliver homes people can afford in places they want to live.” Housing minister Kris Hopkins said that he was not “aware of any report which was supposed to have been published by the government but which has been ‘suppressed’.”

Now this may be a sensible way forward Nick, so long as it does not mean building on high grade agricultural land! But having said that I still come back to the issue of the consequences of our population rising year on year – surely this is unsustainable. Planning and environmental policy making in the UK needs to be brought together.

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.