Lydiate’s 1994 Centenary

Lydiate Parish Council celebrated its centenary back in 1994 and a civic service was organised to mark the milestone. Parish Councils were created via Gladstone’s 1894 Act of Parliament, Lydiate is one of the original 1894 Civil Parishes.*

Above is the front cover of the pamphlet produced for the event. I recall many of the names on the Parish Council back then as I was, back in 1994, a neighbouring Maghull Town** Councillor. Some of the members from 1994 still live in Lydiate whilst others have sadly passed on or have left Lydiate***.

I’ve not scanned the whole pamphlet into this posting (the order of service has been omitted) but here are the other pages which may be of interest:-

Please click on each scanned page of the pamphlet to enlarge it for reading.

* More Parish Councils have been created since then. Locally, Hightown PC and Formby PC are later additions to Sefton Borough’s present list of 10 such councils. Oddly, one Parish Council in the Borough (Netherton) was abolished quite some years back.

** Parish and Town Councils are exactly the same in terms of powers and functions, the only difference being that a Town Council elects a Mayor and a Parish Council a Chairperson.

*** I’ve lost contact with my old friends Ray and Hazel Hughes; Ray being PC Chairperson at the time of the Centenary. They moved to either Haskayne or Halsall within the past couple of years. If anyone has their contact details please contact me via e-mail –

Note – A copy of the 1994 pamphlet was given to me recently by Peter Gibson – Thank you Peter.

Gladstone, Bright & Lever – Three Liberals of their time

A recent visit to the Lady Lever Art Gallery turned into a bit of a Liberal history session. William Hesketh Lever, the creator of the gallery and model village of Port Sunlight, was a Liberal. What’s more he had marble busts made of his own favourite Liberals – Gladstone and John Bright. He had a bronze figurine created of Gladstone as well.

The Lady Lever Art Gallery was founded by William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925) and is dedicated to the memory of his wife Elizabeth. The gallery contains the best of his personal art collection.

I took photos of the Gladstone and Bright busts and the Gladstone figurine – they are below:-

Marble bust of Gladstone

Marble bust of Gladstone


Marble bust of Bright

Marble bust of Bright

IMG_8325 r

Bronze Statuette of Gladstone

Bronze Statuette of Gladstone


I used the phrase ‘Liberals of their Time’ to title this posting quite deliberately because in comparison to say the policies of the present incarnation of Liberal politics, the Liberal Democrats, what those prominent politicians of their day stood for may well look quite different. Then again the times were very different and the social justice issues, which they all tackled, were as important as big issues of today. But it is all about looking at such previous generations of Liberals (or indeed other non-Liberal politicians) in the context of the times in which they lived.

Maghull Nostalgia – 100 Years of Maghull Council 1994

Part one of a new nostalgia series of occasional postings


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Set up as one of the original Parish Councils under Gladstone’s 1894 Act of Parliament, Maghull (now a Town Council as it decided to have a Mayor as opposed to a Chairperson in the early 1970’s) celebrated its centenary in 1994. This decorative flower bed was in the Rose garden at KGV Park.

Civil Parishes were set up to separate the power of the Church from the running of very local affairs.