Being anti-HS2 is a bit like Brexit – It’s all about the rose-tinted past

A fellow blogger, Paul Bigland, has an interesting slant on HS2 and those who oppose it – see the link below to access it:-

Brexiteers, it seems, can convince themselves of pretty much anything that has absolutely no foundation in fact and those opposing HS2 seem to have a similar viewpoint.

HS2 is about capacity or the looming lack of it on the rail network as much as it is about speed.

Although only similar in an abstract way HS2 is akin to reopening the Great Central Line; a line that should never have been closed, certainly with the benefit of hindsight.

Railways are becoming an increasingly important way for people and freight to move around and we are light years away from the Beeching era when closing railways and love of the motor car and truck marked a progressing society. Congestion all but brings the UK to a standstill often these days and pollution from the internal combustion engine is choking our communities and indeed killing us all.

HS2 is about the future of travel. Brexiteers want us all to live in the 1950s so they bang on about their anti-HS2 movement as they bang on about their ludicrous Brexit.

Photos from Monsal Head of Monsal Dale – Derbyshire – Midland Railway

I came across an old postcard recently, which shows a northbound train crossing Monsal Dale Viaduct (actually the correct name is Headstone Viaduct) c 1908:-

Monsal Head Viaduct then

My photo below is the scene as it is now with the railway being part of a footpath across the viaduct.


Oh what could have been if in the the 1950’s and 60’s we had been more forward looking and not closed many of our railways! By the way check how the trees have grown by comparing the two photos.

Check out the Wikipedia page at:-

A shot of the River Wye which flows through Monsal Dale taken from the viaduct.

A shot of the River Wye which flows through Monsal Dale taken from the viaduct.

The photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-