Green Bin Tax – Has Labour run Sefton come unstuck with their attempted back door Council tax rise?

Following Lib Dem campaigning which highlighted what we all knew already i.e. that folks will not be ‘volunteering’ to pay Labour’s back door Council tax rise, it seems that the comrades are sounding the retreat and looking for a way out.


Frankly, why Labour ever thought residents would pay to have their green bins emptied beats me. What’s more whilst the comrades on the cabinet that runs Sefton are all from Bootle, where there are fewer gardens, the biggest losers under the plan would be communities like Maghull where many houses have big gardens. Sudell Ward (North and East Maghull) for example was going to feel the hit of Labour’s green bin tax as would the two Formby wards and indeed virtually all the wards outside of Bootle.

This all makes you think that the myopia of looking at things from a Bootle only perspective leads the comrades into not seeing the bigger picture.

We await some firm proposals from Labour run Sefton to confirm that they really are ditching their garden tax but to date the Lib Dem campaigning has certainly given them a lot to think about; indeed Labour’s lawn really has been given a low cut!

The new bin tax in Sefton – Yes, paying to have a green bin is another form of a Council tax rise but via the back door!


Back to that knotty issue of Sefton Council, under its Labour rulers, wanting to charge us all for having a green recycling bin. The consultation is presently on-going but the result is clearly intended to follow that of Labour run Wirral Council.

Apart from the obvious backward step in recycling that this policy change will cause (probably around two thirds of folk will stop using the service) it is also a Council tax rise by the back door.

This issue has not really hit the public’s radar in Sefton yet but I will be surprised if it does not do so soon.

And another thing what is to happen to all those thousands of green bins that virtually every household in the Borough has at present? Sadly Sefton’s green agenda under Labour is looking more than a little brown.