Fracking – Those who fight it could well be seen as a danger to society!

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Extremism? Does anyone really think that environmental campaigners are a danger to our society? Should we not be welcoming the challenge that such campaigners bring to our democracy? Is Orwell’s 1984 being taken as a ‘guide’ to how our society should be organised?

Goodness me, I must be viewed as being an ‘extremist’ then as I look upon myself as an environmental campaigner! I wonder whose radar I am on for protesting about building on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land in Sefton?

Big Brother seems to be be watching a lot of people!

Greenpeace – Air pollution is responsible for cutting short 40,000 lives in the UK every year.


Please consider supporting the Greenpeace petition available via the link above

Air pollution is responsible for cutting short 40,000 lives in the UK every year. It’s time for this government to take robust and steadfast action to address this national health emergency. Please create a bold action plan that cleans our air, reduces pollution and saves lives

I have raised concerns like this before on this very blog site in relation to HGV’s accessing the Port of Liverpool. Bootle in particular is a concern for air pollution locally but we are kidding ourselves if we think that it is not a problem for us all. The inside of own vehicles is often an air pollution hot spot as the air circulation systems suck pollutants in. You can help to reduce this problem by recirculating the air in your vehicle but you need to try to anticipate where and when to do this. I do it when I realise I am coming up behind a HGV or diesel taxi for instance.