Guide Dogs/Hearing Dogs and Taxis

I have a partially sighted friend who uses a guide dog, although he is presently awaiting a new dog as his previous one sadly died not so long ago. Phil Marshall is his name and he lives in Maghull.

I raise this subject because Phil raised it with me whilst we were having a pint in the Derby Arms in Aughton. Phil had been contacted by Guide Dogs for the Blind recently asking him to lobby his local councillors about the problem of a small minority of taxi drivers who refuse to have a guide dogs in their vehicle.

Yes I know, it sounds almost beyond belief that a taxi driver could refuse a blind, partially sighted or deaf person a ride because they have a guide/hearing dog with them but I am told that it does happen.

The link above is to the Guide Dogs for the Blind web site which addresses this very issue. Locally Sefton Borough Council is the licensing authority for taxis.

I hope by sharing this issue I can help to try to put a stop to taxi refusals for blind/deaf people travelling with their dogs.

ASDA – Kicking out a blind lady because of her guide dog!

The BBC has this ASDA Liverpool store article on its web site – see link above

Well this is in the utterly unbelievable category, how on earth could anyone not know that a guide dog can be allowed into a food shop. ‘The guard was not familiar with rules over guide dogs in shops’ said ASDA. Had ASDA not trained the guard?

ASDA should be ashamed of themselves, this was an appalling way to treat a person with a disability.

Shared Space! Or disappearing pavements


I don’t know about you but this ‘shared space’ carry on within housing developments built since around the 1980’s gets my goat.

You can be walking along a pavement, see photo above, and the next thing you know you are tramping across someone’s garden because the pavement has ceased to be there.

Goodness knows what troubles this design of estate roads must bring for people with sight/disability issues/difficulties.

I was happy to support a motion put forward by Labour Councillor Michael Roche who raised such concerns at a Sefton Council meeting recently.

Cllr. Michael Roche

Cllr. Michael Roche

Stop Press:

This came up again at Sefton’s Planning Committee last night and there seems to an all-party approach forming whereby we want to try to put a stop, if possible, to developments that do not include pavements. I am told that Manchester have adopted such a policy so have called for some digging to be done and for a briefing of Planning Committee members to take place on the matter.