Sefton Borough to get funding to help combat gang violence

The Home Office will work with nine areas to help better understand gang-related violence and exploitation, and share effective ways of dealing with local challenges. See link above for the headline details.

The nine new areas to receive support from experts are: Basildon, Grimsby, Harrow, Hastings/Eastbourne, High Wycombe, Medway, Sefton in Merseyside, Southampton and Swindon.

The injection of Home Office funding to try to help tackle gang related violence must be welcomed of course but we sure wish we did not have to welcome it!

Surely this move must be on the back of the number of gun crimes that Sefton has been suffering from in recent years. This is of course a matter that I have raised many times on this blog site.

I wonder what the detail of this plan will look like?

With thanks to Keith for the lead to this story.

Gun Crime on Merseyside – Another sobering revelation

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

How many times have I posted on this subject? Too many is the answer but it shows what an uphill battle it is to try to get guns off our streets. I get the impression that Merseyside Police must struggle to keep a lid on this menace in our local communities. And that’s not meant to be critical of their efforts more that it is a far bigger problem than they or us would ever have imagined it growing into a few years ago.

Is this not another reminder of how the drugs trade fuels violent crime and how our drug laws are simply not working in the UK? I think this may well be the case and Government needs to radically look at how our failed drugs laws can be changed. What is the point of laws that effectively lead to more crime being committed?

Gun Crime in Sefton


The Liverpool Echo has the story.

Sadly, this is a regular theme of mine and I only wish it were not. What does it take to get guns off our streets. Nice to see the Police making some inroads here but my feeling is that this is a deep rooted problem where they are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Merseyside – Guns on our streets – Are those in power locally doing all they can to rid us of this menace?

See link above to the Liverpool Echo web site

There’s every possibility that I am boring people by continually raising this matter but I really don’t want us to slip into an American-type gun culture by accepting guns as an everyday thing that we are expected to get used to and can’t do anything about.

But what are the powers that be on Merseyside doing about our ongoing gun culture problems? Are they willing to reassure us that they really are taking effective action?