Gun Crime – It’s an almost everyday event these days

The Liverpool Echo has the latest gun crime ‘event’ on its web site (this time in Bootle) see link below:-

Worryingly, there is every danger that we will start to see gun crime incidents as normal every day events as the media relentlessly churn them out. Normalising may creep up on us when we should be treating each event as totally unacceptable in a civilised society.

Gun Control – Can kids beat the gun loving American establishment

The BBC has the article on its web site – see link above

Well can they beat the American gun culture that is so strong and more importantly so supported by the US political classes? We worry about our urban gun crime problems in cities like Liverpool (and Merseyside generally) where shootings are a weekly event but in comparison with the USA they are fortunately on a much smaller scale.

Merseyrail Train is shot at

A 507/508 EMU Merseyrail unit at Crescent Road level crossing – Birkdale, Southport.

The Liverpool Echo has the story from Monday night on its web site – see link above.

Goodness me the use of guns on Merseyside becomes a bigger concern each week that goes by. This may have been ‘just’ an air rifle incident but sadly it fits into a much wider picture of gun use locally.

Lydiate – Armed Robbery

The Southport Visiter has the story on its web site – see link above

Only days after my most recent blog posting about gun crime (18th September) on Merseyside and in particular in Sefton Borough – see link below –

this happens in Lydiate!

As an observer of public life across Merseyside I am becoming increasingly concerned about the number of shootings and gun crime incidents that seem to be taking place. It was not so long ago that Merseyside Police were giving the impression that they were getting on top of shootings/gun crime but it seems that view is now looking far too optimistic with the benefit of hindsight. A link back that more optimistic time (some 6 months ago) is below:-

Without doubt gun crime is a big issue on Merseyside and we are all looking to Merseyside Police to get on top of it as soon as possible.

Merseyside Gun Crime – The stats say things are improving

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This sadly is an issue oft covered on this blog site – oh how I wish it were otherwise.

At face value Merseyside Police seem to be getting on top of the problem but my feeling is there is still a long, long way to go to get guns off the streets of Merseyside.