Lydiate – Haigh Crescent post & shrubs cause controversy

I posted a few days ago about work commencing in Haigh Crescent to stop vehicles gaining access to the central green via Sefton Council installing posts and shrubs. My previous post (no pun intended) is accessible via this link:-

Well it seems that the project to try to protect the green is not one that commands widespread support at least that’s the view I am picking up. Here’s what I know about the issue.

Last June Independent Borough Councillor Pat O’Hanlon brought up concerns about vehicles accessing the green at a Lydiate Parish Council meeting – my recollection is that the worry was vehicles on the green when children were playing on it. The matter was subsequently raised at the July meeting when, if my understanding is correct, the Borough Councillors for Park Ward were looking to try to find a source of funding to enable them to address the problem. The next thing I knew I was cycling down Haigh Crescent and the work to install posts and shrubs had commenced a few days ago and I blogged about that work taking place.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a former Borough Councillor for Park Ward Robbie Fenton who has lived on Haigh Crescent for many years. She was clearly surprised by the works and was asking me what I knew of the project. Interestingly, she said that as far as she was aware there’d not been any consultation with the residents, at least not with the ones she’d spoken to since the works started. I can’t help but think that consultation should have taken place and wonder why it didn’t?

As Robbie said to me, in trying to solve one problem another has been created. With the carriageway being so narrow it’s often the case that passing vehicles have to mount the curb of the green to pass each other, but the posts and shrubs have narrowed that passing ability.

So there you have it and it will be interesting to see if things settle down/work out or whether there will have to be a rethink by Sefton Council.

Lydiate – Haigh Crescent – Posts go up to try to make green safer

A while back we had a discussion at a Lydiate Parish Council meeting about the dangers of vehicles on the green in the middle of Haigh Crescent when children are playing there.

We discussed, together with the Park Ward Sefton Councillors, what could be done to make the green safer and putting in posts to restrict vehicle access was seen to be the best way forward if the money could be found to get the work done. Well the money has been found as the works are ongoing today:-

Lydiate – Why this short stretch of Coppull Road with no pavement?

I’ve taken to doing a lot of cycling and walking around the Maghull & Lydiate area over the past year or so and you do see things from a very different perspective than when sat in the comfort of a car.

For instance why on earth when walking down Coppull Road do you need to trek over a grass verge, walk in the road or have to cross the road to the opposite pavement due to it being laid out with no footway for a short stretch? My photo illustrates:-

But it’s worse than that actually as the opposite side of the road is the junction with Barnes Drive!

A similar situation replicates a little further down the road where another grassed central reservation has no pavement at the edge of it either.

Oddly though taking a step back towards Haigh Crescent (behind the camera which took the photo above) there are pavements at the edge of the central reservation greens.

The estate was laid out many years ago so were there some cost cutting measures that led to the pavement problem, or was it because the building was done when cars were few are far between so pedestrians walking in the road was commonplace?

I have raised this matter with Sefton Council Highways Dept.

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