Maghull – Accidents around Maricourt School

The letter below has been written by Maghull resident Malcolm Gore in response to an article in the Aintree and Maghull Champion newspaper regarding the dangerous (for pedestrians) nature of the junction of Hall Lane and Damfield Lane outside Maricourt RC High School in Maghull.

Dear Editor,

After reading the article on safety at Maricourt High School, ( Champ 8th June), I feel there is one major relevant point to be made. This has been a problem for years and my sympathies are with any family that has suffered due to an accident here.

Sefton’s huge planned urbanisation of Maghull will result in almost 2,000 houses being built in close proximity to Maricourt and not only will this greatly increase the number of pupils going there but will result in increased numbers of primary pupils being driven to St. Georges school down Hall Lane, greatly increasing the problem.

When this was explained to Sefton Traffic Dept they reported to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee that they saw no “tipping point” when traffic would be a problem and preferred to” Sort it out on an ongoing basis.” They were also quite happy for developers to do their own traffic survey.

The fact the Highways Dept are showing concern now leaves me speechless. As does the fact that local councillors are also showing concern when they are the very same councillors who have voted for the huge development in the first place and even failed to oppose it at Town Council level.

Far from sorting out the Maricourt problem, the Local Plan will make it far worse.

Malcolm Gore

Maghull resident.

Maghull/Crosby – 887 & 883 red light jumpers (at camera junctions) respectively in 2015

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Hall Lane/A59 Junction, Maghull – 887 drivers, whom I presume all got penalty tickets, jumped this set of lights on the A59 ranking it as 12th in the red light jumping league.

The odd thing is you could not possibly approach this junction along the A59 without being aware that it is guarded by a red light Camera which will take your photo and send it to the boys and girls in blue. On that basis are red light skipping drivers happy to get penalty tickets?

Crosby – And there’s another one locally in Sefton Borough – The Crosby Road South and Cambridge Road junction which was just behind Maghull’s A59/Hall Lane junction at 883 penalties putting it in 13th place.

Maghull & Lydiate – Flooding hits on Boxing Day

Dovers Brook where Sefton Lane becomes Bridges Lane - The houses were about to be inundated.

Dovers Brook where Sefton Lane becomes Bridges Lane – The houses were about to be inundated.

Maghull & Lydiate have today been suffering from flooding following the torrential rain that has been hitting northern England recently.

The following photos document the scene across the joint communities between 11 am and noon today:-

Hall Lane, Maghull

Hall Lane, Maghull

Hall Lane, Maghull with a Merseyside Fire & Rescue worker clearing debris from Whinney Brook.

Hall Lane, Maghull with a Merseyside Fire & Rescue worker trying to clear debris from Whinney Brook. He told me the level had dropped by 3ft as he cleared it.

Lambshear Lane, Lydiate

Lambshear Lane, Lydiate

Moss Lane, Lydiate

Moss Lane, Lydiate

A swollen River Alt as it just about manages to duck under Bridges Lane near Sefton Village.

A swollen River Alt as it just about manages to duck under Bridges Lane near Sefton Village.

Sefton Lane, Maghull

Sefton Lane, Maghull

A raging Whinney Brook at Ormonde Drive, Maghull

A raging Whinney Brook at Ormonde Drive, Maghull

The worrying issue here is the capacity of the River Alt to take all the flood water from Whinney Brook, Dovers Brook etc. In 2012 it could not take all the water and houses were inundated in Fouracres, Maghull. At the time I took the photos Fouracres was not being flooded. The next few hours will probably be crucial.

With thoughts for all those being flooded or in danger of it.

Cyclists/Car Drivers – the best and the worst – Maghull and Netherton

I am both a car driver and a cyclist so I can see both points of view. The reality is that there are poor car drivers and poor cyclists.

A week last Sunday I cycled over the Hall Lane canal swing bridge in Maghull east to west and just as I left the bridge another cyclist came onto the bridge travelling west to east. The next I knew (behind me) was the other cyclist shouting at a car driver who had followed me onto the bridge and all but knocked the cyclist off his bike by trying to squeeze past him!

Clearly the car driver was in the wrong and should have apologised to the cyclist but no, he wound down his window and issued a hurl of verbal abuse aimed at the cyclist he had nearly collided with because of his impatience!

The following Tuesday I found myself almost colliding with a cyclist on Dunningsbridge Road at the traffic light by the Park Hotel. I was driving west to east towards the traffic lights and saw a cyclist on the adjacent cycle track travelling the same direction as I was. Trouble is the cycle track ends abruptly here and the cyclists are in effect forced into the road.

I expected the cyclist to slow down and watch for the traffic he was merging into but no he simply flew into the lane I was in cutting me up on his bike. I had to swerve to avoid hitting him and it was a close shave indeed. But what did the cyclist do but give me the two fingered salute! His only defence was that there are no ‘give way’ markings where the cycle track merges with the road but you would have thought self preservation would have made him look before he shot out into the traffic. He will not live long pulling such stunts on the busy Dunningsbridge Road. Next time it could be a huge lorry with him sadly underneath it!

Just goes to prove my point that there are poor drivers and poor cyclists.