Lydiate – RC Church parking restriction compromise seems to win the day

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The latest news is that Sefton Council’s proposed new double yellow lines will are likely to be shortened to the minimum required to help make the junction of Hall Lane and Southport Road safe for drivers exiting Hall Lane.

This seems to be a sensible compromise in the circumstances commensurate with road safety considerations.

Lydiate – Parking restrictions proposal outside RC Church cause controversy

Sefton Council is proposing to bring in parking restrictions on Southport Road and Hall Lane in Lydiate, outside Our Ladies Church, but questions are being raised locally about whether they are really necessary.

Representations were made to Lydiate Parish Council at its meeting last Tuesday by the Chairman of neighbouring Down Holland Parish Council who happens to attend the church himself.

An extract from a Sefton Council report on the matter says:-

1.1 A request has been received from a local resident, for ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions to be introduced at the junction of Southport Road and Hall Lane, Lydiate.

1.2 It is alleged that when masses take place at Our Lady’s RC Church, on-street parking takes place in close proximity to the junction.

To be fair Sefton Council have conducted traffic surveys on a Sunday when the church is busy and they have found there to be some issues that need addressing to aid road safety.

I had a chat with fellow Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope about this recently and she was surprised by the proposals (she lives close to the church) as she was not aware of any accidents caused by church-goers vehicles.

On occasions I do use Hall Lane and I must say turning right out of it is a bit of a challenge but that is more associated with the speed of vehicles on Southport Road which must be doing well over 50 mph most of the time despite the speed limit being 40 mph.

Lets hope a mutually satisfactory solution can be found because ironically the church had recently tried to gain permission to create a car park on its own land but they had been refused by Sefton Council on the grounds that the area is Green Belt and a Conservation Area. So clearly the church’s prayers were not answered in the affirmative by the Council and this is obviously a difficult matter to resolve.