Lower Alt wind turbines meeting

A Public meeting will be held at Ince Blundell Village Hall on Monday 4th January 2016 at 20.00hrs in relation to the recent planning application for wind turbines in the Lower Alt area by Coriolis.

Lower Alt Wind Turbines – What’s the latest?

I have not touched on this controversial subject for a while now as little has been happening. However, wheels are in motion and my understanding is that a planning application is now before West Lancashire Borough Council, although not all the required paperwork had been filed as typed this posting by Coriolis Energy (the applicants).

The land in question whilst being in West Lancs is actually sandwiched between Ince Blundell and Lydiate both of which are in Sefton Borough.

The environmental pressure group HALT continues to lead the opposition to the proposed wind farm of 12 taller than Blackpool Tower turbines. It was originally for 24 turbines in the previous proposals which were withdrawn.

My view on this proposal has always been that the land is high grade agricultural land so to compromise any of it for other uses is simply not acceptable. I am not opposed to wind turbines and certainly do not subscribe to what seems to be the Daily Mail view that they are all evil or some such nonsense. Indeed, I often go walking in the hills of Lancashire and I find the turbines on the moors to be quite majestic; but not on high grade agricultural land!

Here’s a link to HALT:-


And a reminder of the position that Lydiate Parish Council has adopted under both Lib Dem and Labour administrations:-


Lydiate/Ince Blundell/ Great Altcar – Lower Alt Wind Farm

I attended the public exhibition put on by Coriolis Energy at Lydiate Village Centre today.

Coriolis Consultation at LVC 05 08 15

Dealing with this matter is tough as surely we all want to support renewable energy such as solar or wind power, unless that is you happen to be a climate change denier.

For me the big issue is the fact that the developer wants to build the turbines on high grade agricultural land. I oppose this scarce resource being compromised because only around 2% of England’s land mass is of such high quality.

The stars on this map show where the turbines will be placed if the plans get the go ahead from West Lancs Council.

The stars on this map show where the turbines will be placed if the plans get the go ahead from West Lancs Council.

The now 12 massive turbines (down from 24 in the original proposals) will each have a footprint of their own, a permanent crane stand at the side and an access road. Added together this will undoubtedly compromise the agricultural land.

As I said I support renewable energy, we have solar panels on our house and I helped the Lib Dems push for both Maghull Town Hall and Lydiate Village Centre to be ‘green’ by solar panels being installed on those buildings too. So I don’t need to be convinced about renewable sources of energy.

Land opposite Lydiate Village Centre that is under threat of development which is presently growing food.

Land opposite Lydiate Village Centre that is under threat of development which is presently growing food.

However, compromising high grade agricultural land in any way is counter productive as it leads to us being able to grow less food thereby needing to import more food. This makes no sense to me at all and it is why I have been fighting Labour-run Sefton Council’s plans to allow house building on other areas of high grade agricultural land locally.

Sorry Coriolis I remain opposed to your development because of the high quality of agricultural land you want to construct these turbines on.

I appreciate that there are a whole host of other concerns about these proposed turbines but in this posting I have tried to focus on the major issue from my perspective as a environmental campaigner.

Lower Alt Wind Farm – A Lydiate resident challenges Coriolis Energy

I am publishing here the response of a Lydiate resident to the Coriolis Energy newsletter that has recently been posted to many properties in the Lydiate, Ince Blundell West Lancashire area


Dear Sirs,

I refer to your notification of the public exhibitions, received yesterday by post, and advise the following.

Given the notice period of your exhibitions is less than 10 days, and that the notice and exhibition dates are within the normal UK school summer holidays, you have purposefully excluded a large percentage of the local community. The attendance at the exhibitions will be smaller than would be if proper notice and appropriate exhibition dates were adopted.

Your notice of the exhibition, and the dates of the exhibition, ought to be changed to more reasonable periods and times respectively, to allow appropriate access by the local community to the same.

Furthermore the questions noted in the feedback return that you have posed are inappropriate and ought to be amended. It is of no relevance to whether local residences are in favour of renewable energy, and in particular wind energy, as it does not give any reference to why your proposals are not suitable to the Lower Alt site. The questions are, at best, misleading but also creative of a divisive response. This is not appropriate in obtaining genuine and unbiased comments, and any conclusions will therefore be debatable and not supportive of any future proposals.

Your proposals can only be properly commented on once reasonable opportunities have been made to review your proposals and, being denied reasonable access to your exhibitions, it is unlikely that this will happen. This might well be your agenda, given the current political position on wind farms, and this will be taken into account in future debate.

Can you, as agents acting on behalf of all parties to your proposals noted in your notification, please advise if the tenants of Leverhulme Estates, that have lease arrangements to farming land that is within the demise area of your proposals, will be completely free to put forward their own objections to your proposals, and will not suffer punishment from Leverhulme Estates if they do. It is of great concern that the tenants might be in fear of voicing their opinions and we would like to reassure them, as I am sure you will also, that they will not suffer any detrimental backlash from their landlord should they also put forward objections to your proposals in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Name and address supplied

Lydiate – Latest on those wind farm proposals – Developer to hold consultation event 5th August

Readers will recall that this is a subject I have commented on numerous times before.

My last posting is available via the link below:-


To recap, Coriolis Energy submitted a proposal for a wind farm at Lower Alt a couple of years ago (to the west of Lydiate and east of Ince Blundell on land in West Lancashire) but subsequently it fizzled out. At the time, Lydiate Parish Council, Ince Blundell PC and many other groups and residents objected to the proposal.


This is what Lydiate PC submitted to West Lancs Council in response to the original proposal:-

Lydiate Parish Council, having taken account of local concerns and the recent public exhibition held in the Parish, wish to raise the following concerns and objections to the plan that is presently before West Lancs Borough Council.

• We have significant ecological concerns regarding the location of the proposed development. They relate to negative potential impacts on bird species and designated breeding sites within Sefton and within West Lancashire.

• In our view the plans do not consider the effects of the proposals on the agricultural land. There is a high proportion of ‘Best and Most Versatile’ agricultural land in the area and its potential loss is a significant concern.

• The area in which the development is proposed is low lying and thinly populated. The landscape has wide open views. The local character of the landscape will be hugely and negatively impacted on by this proposal.

• Noise generated by the proposed development is a significant concern.

• Shadow Flicker – again a significant concern of Lydiate residents.

As I suggested in my last posting Coriolis are now looking at their proposal again and they have booked the Lydiate Village Centre to hold a public consultation session on Wednesday 5 August 2015 (2pm to 4pm).

Ince Blundell/Lydiate – What ever happened to those wind farm proposals?

HALT poster

The proposal for a wind farm here has been doing the rounds for some time now and my previous postings refer at:-



My understanding is that the land owner is trying to resurrect the previous proposals and find additional partners to try to deliver a huge wind farm to the west of Lydiate. The land in question is actually in West Lancashire.

My concerns about the proposals remain the same despite the fact that I am very keen to see renewable energy sources developed in the UK. In simple terms taking any high grade agricultural land out of food production use is counter productive and not environmentally sustainable in my view and such is inevitable on the land proposed for this wind farm.

It looks like battle is about to recommence! The campaign group fighting the proposals is HALT and their web site is at:-