Lydiate – Haven Walk Hedging sorted

I posted a while back about the hedge which fronts Southport Road as it was overgrowing the pavement. My previous posting refers – see link below:-

The hedge has now been thinned out by One Vision Housing’s contractor and all is well. Thanks One Vision for getting the work done.

Lydiate – Busted street lamp and a fence

Firstly, thanks to Sefton Council for fixing the broken street lamp on the footpath that runs from Southport Road through to Coppull Road, it was really dark down there at night with only one of the two lamps working.

Now One Vision Housing need to have a look at their fence which separates the same footpath from the backs of the bungalows in Haven Walk. My photo illustrates the problem:-

I have alerted OVH to this matter.

Lydiate – Haven Walk hedging

Recently One Vision Housing took a significant amount of height out of their privet hedge which bounds Southport Road’s pavement and this seems to have been welcomed as it makes sight lines for motorists parked on Southport Road clearer.

But oddly the same hedge has also grown in width over the years and has been encroaching over the pavement yet this aspect was not tackled as part of the works.

I have raised this with One Vision Housing and await their response.

Lydiate – Overgrown Hedge Southport Road

A resident has raised with me the need for One Vision Housing to trim back their hedging that fronts Southport Road and is adjacent to their Haven Walk bungalows.

Pavement Southport Rd Lydiate by Haven Walk  - 08 16

As you can see from the photo above the hedging is now well across the pavement and is clearly restricting pedestrian access.

Hope it will be cut back soon.