Bootle building I started work in suffers bomb hoax

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its website – see link below:-

This Echo story hit home to me as I started work as a fresh faced lad of 17 in Magdalen House in September 1975. In those days the building housed Inland Revenue staff. I worked there for 3 years if memory serves.

And my second encounter with the very same building came about quite a few years later when I would go to it as a Sefton Councillor. It had passed from the Inland Revenue to the Health and Safety Executive but when the H&SE moved to a brand new building nearby Sefton Council took Magdalen House on. They did this because the adjacent Balliol House was in a poor state of repair and their staff needed to be moved out. Balliol House was subsequently demolished.


Seaforth – H&S Exec to investigate tower demolition failure

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

I don’t suppose it is any surprise that the recent demolition failure of a Seaforth’s tower block has to be investigated by the Bootle based Health & Safety Exec’ but let’s hope that the process is got right for the tower block that is soon to be demolished in Bootle. It is presently being stripped out ready for the big bang so to speak – see photo below:-

Before (2) r

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3 shiny modernised tower blocks surround the doomed one. The site is just off Marsh Lane near to Bootle’s New Strand Railway Station.

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