Before and after – Maghull, Green Lane tree down incident of February 2014



There is only a couple of weeks between these two photo’s but clearly life is returning to normal after repairs have been undertaken following the massive tree coming down in the high winds of mid-February 2014.

Maghull’s ‘tree down’ goes viral

It’s a funny old world; a tree comes down in Maghull and 6 days later the Liverpool Echo and BBC North West news run the story.

Of course this blog site was the first to explain what had happened to the unfortunate residents in Maghull’s Green Lane as my previous postings of 12th and 13th February record.

Here are a couple more photos which show the size of trunk and the damage done to pavement, driveway and underground services.



I had a further chat with some of the affected residents yesterday and can confirm that action is taking place to remove the tree, so that the full extent of the damage can be assessed and repairs made, at this very moment – 7.45pm.

Wind damage – Maghull – daylight reveals the extent of the problem in Green Lane



The junction of Liverpool Road North and Green Lane in Maghull remains closed as a consequence of the massive tree coming down in last night’s winds.

The daytime pictures above give a much clearer impression of the scale of the problem that has to be tackled. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.

Massive tree falls in high winds – Maghull



This was the scene tonight at the junction of Liverpool Road North and Green Lane in Maghull where a huge tree has come down. It has demolished a garage and come to rest on the roof of Woodbine Cottage.

The Fire Brigade and Police are trying to assist and the Council is being called out too. One house has lost its electricity supply and a water main has been uprooted.

Having been called out by the local residents, I, in turn, called out the Fire Brigade. Cllr. Jen Robertson and I discussed the crisis with residents and it looks like things will be made safe when the winds abate and there is some daylight to assess the damage and how the tree can be taken off the cottage.