Lydiate – The condition of Southport Road surface

The part of Southport Road in Lydiate from the junctions of Hickson Avenue to Highbanks is made up of concrete sections and just past Hickson Avenue and opposite Astor Court (more or less on the Maghull/Lydiate boundary) is a part of it that has been dug up a few times.

This digging of trenches, for utility works etc. over the years has ended up with the surface being uneven. What’s more concrete is not flexible like tarmac so when the filled in trenches settle and sink down the edges of the concrete do not ‘bend’. In turn this creates a lot of noise and vibrations for folks living close to these repaired sections.

Unsurprisingly the noise and vibrations have got too much for some residents and an approach was made to Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope to see if she could assist. Edie had a site meeting and met with Sefton Council Highways to see what could be done.

After some consideration Sefton Council sent out a contractor to start to put matters right. Here’s a shot of them working on the road only a few days ago:-

Some work was clearly done but it was stopped; I understand this was because of the cost of it. Edie and indeed I thought that the solution would be to find a suitable way of filling in the ‘dropped’ trenches but it seems that either Sefton or their highway contractors thought the best way of doing it would be to to take out more of the concrete before filling it in.

So a small area has been completed but far more needs to be done. We hope that Sefton Council is simply trying to find a more cost effective way of finishing the job as opposed to just not doing any further work. Watch this space as Edie tries to get things moving again.

Highbanks/Southport Road, Lydiate – Flooding Problem

Cllr. Andrew Blackburn and I attended a site meeting today in Highbanks with Sefton’s Chief Drainage Engineer Sam Dimba.

The meeting, called for by residents, was associated with a long-running flooding problem that caused a house in Highbanks to be internally flooded in September 2012. My postings of 25th September, 1st October and 3rd October 2012 refer.

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

This was the scene in September 2012 in Highbanks, Lydiate

Highbanks is quite close to where I live so I have become well acquainted with the flooding which I am told is associated with a culverted stream that runs under Soutport Road, into Highbanks under some gardens and then under the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

The flooding of September 2012 was bad and both United Utilities and Sefton Council have been investigating the cause of it. A blockage in the culvert seems to be the issue and work is to be undertaken next week to try to right things.

Let’s hope for a good result although that will clearly depend on further investigations after the known blockage is cleared. I suspect there are no guarantees here.