Hillsborough campaigners – ‘confronted the British establishment at its most corrupt’

The quote above was not actually made about the Hillsborough campaigners but I thought it was most apt when I came across it only this week when reading ‘Against the Grain’ by Norman Baker.

The quote comes from Peter Oborne of The Spectator who reviewed the book but, as I say, I read it just as the the Inquest Jury was announcing the historic verdicts. I suppose it was just a coincidence of circumstances that I happened to pick up the book at the same time but none the less I feel that it sums up what the Hillsborough campaigners have been doing.

Their 27 years of fighting for justice, which of course is ongoing, has been quite remarkable especially as the ruling political establishment over the years had seemingly wanted the whole thing brushed under the carpet.

A quite remarkable group of campaigners.

Nyman’s Hillsborough Symphony


A fascinating tribute. The BBC has the story of yesterday’s first performance, see link above.

Stop Press:-

Here is a report of the concert from Iain Brodie Brown


Hillsborough and the Sun newspaper – It would be hard to make this up – What on earth did our political leaders think they were doing?



Here is the sad, sad story as carried by the BBC.

Words fail me, they really do


Lydiate Parish Council to plant 96 trees in memory of Hillsborough victims

The last meeting of Lydiate Parish Council agreed to plant 96 trees on its Lambshear Lane ‘Village Centre’ site in memory of the 96 people killed as a consequence of the Hillsborough disaster.

Sadly, a Lydiate resident was one of the people to be lost in the disaster and of course there will be other Lydiate residents linked to families who lost loved ones on that terrible day.

Cllr. Dave Russell, Chairman of the Parish Council, proposed the project be taken forward and it got unanimous support from the Parish Council members.