Maghull – Weeds festooned around new Home Bargains Site

So we know that Home Bargains is going to occupy the new store on the old Maghull Library/former Stafford Moreton Youth Centre site but have you seen the weeds that are growing in the ‘landscaped’ parts of the site!

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Who is the land owner I wonder and when will their grounds maintenance regime kick in?

As a Maghull in Bloom volunteer my view is that we need the owner to step up and make the landscaped parts of the site a credit to Maghull and the sooner the better please.

Maghull – Two Home Bargains Stores!

Well so it seems with one moving from its present site on Westway into Maghull Square and a new one opening in August on the site of the former Maghull Library.

The floor area of the new store looks to be slightly bigger than the one to be relocated in the Square so a slightly larger range of products can be envisaged but this means that two quite similar stores will be being run within a few hundred yards of each other.

Are you, like me, wondering if there is a an interesting back-story to this situation or is just that Maghull can’t get enough of Home Bargains and only two stores will meet the demand?

Maghull Square – What’s going on?

The link above to an on-line property brochure for Maghull Square is interesting although it must predate HSBC closing obviously.

If I had a £1 for every time someone has asked me where Home Bargains are moving to I really would be retiring on a good pension. This seems to be an issue that people really want an answer to.

From this brochure it looks like one of the new units that is presently being built in the left hand corner of the Square. BUT persistent rumours say that this is no longer the case and that Home Bargains are going to the new retail building under construction on the site of the old Maghull Library/Stafford Moreton Youth Centre. And others are even speculating on Home Bargains not moving at all but just expanding into the former HSBC unit next door since that bank recently pulled out of Maghull.

Which option is right? Well as the staff who work in Home Bargains Maghull branch don’t seem to know then it seems the guessing game will be doing the rounds for a while yet.

What’s also interesting in the on-line brochure is the cost of a retail unit in the Square. Goodness me these figures must be well out of reach for many a small business. They may not be out of line with other similar retail areas but where does a small business get that sort of money each year?

I recall when the Square had many independent business in the 60’s and 70’s but now it is dominated by regional and national outfits. Times they are a changing.

With thanks to John for the lead to this story

Maghull – Old Library/Youth Centre site to become a Home & Bargain Store?

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

The closed Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and the old Maghull Library

Well this is the word on the streets. The original planning application has been changed a bit (via a revised one) but the applicant is still Netto Ltd so no clue there. Indeed, the new plans do not show a retailer’s name on them at all.

However, my understanding is that it is actually going to be a Home Bargains store. Or is that a Home & Bargain Store to us locals?

The site after the old library and youth centre had been demolished

The site after the old library and youth centre had been demolished

In some ways this is odd as we were under the impression that Home Bargains were just moving within Maghull Square Shopping Centre to a larger unit. It seems, however, that may not now be the case.

Watch this space for confirmation, I could be wrong.

Maghull – Home & Bargain and me

I read in the Champion newspaper (14th September edition) that I ‘believe’ that the Maghull branch of Home & Bargains will expand into the soon to be become vacant HSBC bank unit next door to it.

I think something got lost in the translation so to clarify, I already know that Home & Bargains is due to move itself off Westway and into the ‘Square’ itself. I am told this is planned for 12 to 18 months time and that they will take over some vacant units that will be knocked together.

However, on hearing the news about HSBC closing its Maghull Branch (which came out only days after H&B news popped out) I speculated that Home and Bargains may now not need to move as they could, as an alternative, simply expand into the HSBC units.

So it’s not that I ‘believe’ this alternative will happen, its just that it may be considered. Having said that no one really thinks much will happen at the Square anyway and the owners have a lot to do to convince locals that they really are going to do it up and bring in major national retailers.

Maghull – Big changes at The Square Shopping Centre

Oh, how many times have Maghull residents heard that in recent years and how many times has less than nothing positive happened at all?

The positive news – should it actually happen

I heard today that Home Bargains is moving into the Square on left hand side past Martins newsagents in 3 or more units that will be knocked into one large shop. The present Home & Bargains shop will become a Specsavers and a Holland & Barrett. This supposed to happen within a timescale 12 to 18 months, I am told.

The bad news – it will happen

HSBC are pulling out of Maghull in December and interestingly their unit is right next to the present Home & Bargains Store.

I think it fair to say that locals have got well past the point of believing anyone who promises a refurb/revamp for the run down Square, such promises have been made before and come to nothing.

Indeed, I heard someone the other day speculate on whether the property was in managed decline. We all hope not and that the new(ish) owners of the Square will really make it a place locals want to shop at.