Hornby Trains – Was the former Station Masters house at Maghull inspiration for model?

Legend has it, especially in Maghull and particularly in the mind of Frank Hornby Trust Chairman Les French that the buildings at Maghull Station were Frank Hornby’s inspiration for his model buildings.

The fact is that Frank Hornby lived yards away from Maghull Station at the Hollies on Station Road for many years and then later in life a little further away at Quarry Brook which is now the sixth form building of Maricourt RC High School. He would have used Maghull Station regularly so could easily have spent time studying the buildings as he awaited his trains.


So is the legend true? Here is a photo of the rather dilapidated Station Master’s house, taken just a couple of weeks ago. Do Hornby Railways fans think there is a link between Maghull Station’s buildings and Franks models?

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Frank Hornby Trust – Meet the author

We had a Frank Hornby Trust meeting last week and Jim Gamble came up to Maghull from Nottingham for it. Jim wrote the definitive book about Frank Hornby some years ago and I managed to track down a second hand copy not so long ago.

Whilst we were waiting for the meeting to start in Meadows Leisure Centre a library assistant came up to me and asked whether I, as a local councillor, would have my photo taken reading a book so that the library could use it to promote its work. I said fine, add me to your rouges gallery. The next issue was what should I be reading? The assistant suggested a book about Frank Hornby and popped off to get one.

What did she bring back but Jim Gamble’s book! And what she didn’t know was that the author was actually in her library! So I said why don’t we have the author in the photo as well? A stunned look came back when I pointed Jim out and asked him to join me.

Jim Gamble and me 20 01 15

So the library got its photo but one with a famous author as well as a minor local politician and it is all the better for that I think.

And now for a real Boys Toys moment! Here is a shot of Frank Hornby Trust Chairman, Les French, looking all excited at a new Meccano set he has been presented with. One of our trustees restores old Hornby items and makes them as like new as possible. Les is certainly pleased with this one, indeed he looks wide eyed just like a kid on Christmas morning!

Boys Toys!

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Maghull – Meccano Town – Hornby put it on the map

It is probably true to say that few people living outside of Maghull know much about the Town but with all the publicity in recent years about Frank Hornby, the world famous toy maker, living there it is possibly ‘on the map’ now more than locals may think.

One aspect of Frank Hornby’s work was inventing Meccano in additional to his model railways and Dinky Toys. Here are some shots of some great models made from Meccano which were displayed at various Maghull exhibitions organised by the Frank Hornby Trust in recent times:-





Jim Gamble of Nottingham is the world’s expert on Meccano and some of the models above are his.

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