Still life in Proportional Representation despite our love of a ridiculous electoral system?

Now it can be no surprise that an old Liberal like me thinks we should have a fair electoral system and yes I know that probably two thirds of you readers would probably rather stick with a demonstrably unfair one. There got that bit off my chest but stay with me for the hell of it.

The link above is to an interesting Huffington Post article which rehearses many of the arguments for PR/Fair Votes. It also makes it clear that what we were offered in that odd referendum (remember it in 2011?) was not PR/Fair Votes. To be honest I don’t know why we had that referendum at all as it probably put back the possibility of a fair electoral system for a generation, then again that’s probably why we had it?

With thanks to my Research Assistant Roy Connell for spotting the Huffington Post article.

Do you want to hear about the real story behind the Calais migrant issues?

Please click on the link above to the Huffington Post web site and read the views and facts as put before us by Robin Lustig. Our sensationalist press play up to the UKIP/Tory agenda and we don’t really see what is actually going on or why.

Now do you see things in a different light and feel better informed?