Bootle/Southport College Mergers

The Liverpool Echo ran this story recent – see link above

Quote from the Echo article – A review of further education in Merseyside has recommended Hugh Baird and South Sefton Colleges, together with Southport and King George V Colleges, should become a single college by summer 2018.

This will be a big move indeed but my understanding is that it is required to try to help balance the books of the 4 presently separate colleges. Southport College and the Town’s KGV College were already in the process of merging of course.

The rather obvious point is that they are geographically a long way apart and it does make you wonder how effectively two colleges in Bootle and two in Southport can be run as one organisation. But it causes other thoughts too about what will the future hold for the 4 educational institutions.

There’s some very big issues here indeed.

Bootle – One blow after another

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Poor old Bootle it’s one piece of bad news after another recently. First it is to lose over 3,000 Civil Service jobs, then Wetherspoons say they are pulling out of the Merton Pub, then M&S says it is leaving town and now redundancies at Hugh Bard College!

Time for some good news for Bootle please.