Maghull Fest – Good or not so good?

Well it seems the opinion depends on what media you read – this is what the I grew up in Maghull facebook page said:-

So this was the badly advertised Maghullfest 2015 at 1.30pm today…I really do try and promote this area and show it’s good points…but I felt so sorry for all the decent folk who had given up their time such as Maghull Community Radio and the charity fundraisers…I paid £3 for my family to get in…then…er…well… the firemen..listen to the merseycats…give the 5 other charity stalls a bit of support..have a pee in the portaloo…then £2 a ride on the clapped out fair with its miserable faced attendent telling the kids to clear off. ..only thing left was to have a coffee…really Maghull Council..??

But the Aintree & Maghull Champion newspaper report went under the headline ‘MaghullFest provides day of magical family fun’ with positive comments from the Maghull Town Council organisers.

So the traditional print media loved it but the new social media did not, or so it seems. I was not there myself so can’t comment either way but I thought the two almost opposite ends of the spectrum responses to the Fest were a issue in themselves.

Maghull Signal Box

Have a look at this Flickr posting – see link above – from an Ex British Railways Signalman. There is some useful historical detail about the box with the photo.

It bit the dust in 1994 during my year as Mayor of Maghull. I am sad to say that the campaign to save it, which I backed, failed but I was presented with the last track plan used in the box (see photo below) and it presently rests in a storeroom of Maghull Town Hall.


And below is a sad shot of the box being demolished from the excellent ‘I grew up in Maghull’ web site:-

Maghull Signal Box being demolished - 1994

A new Maghull memories web site & don’t forget Lydiate too

I GREW UP IN MAGHULL (so did I – lived in Maghull from 1968 to 2011)

The editor of this new site asked me to put a link from my web site to theirs and I am happy to have done that.

Local history is fascinating so take a look if you have ever lived in Maghull and consider yourself a Maghullian.

And don’t forget there are a couple of other Maghull and Lydiate based sites that I am aware of which may be of interest:-