The I – Green Belt article by Ian Birrell


The article above appeared in the Monday edition of the I and unsurprisingly I do not agree with Ian Birrell’s conclusions about releasing Green Belt for building houses.

The particular paragraph that gets my goat is the one that says ‘A majority of green belt is used for agriculture, often so intensive, industrialised and over-sprayed with pesticides that it has less biodiversity than is found in city gardens.’

Yes of course the majority of Green Belt is used for agricultural purposes and so it should be on an island that can’t grow enough food for us all. But what of intensive, industrialised and over-sprayed? That seems to me to be an argument for organic farming methods not one that leads to the conclusion that some of this land should be built upon.

Here in Sefton Borough our Green Belt is not only used for agriculture but the land happens to be some of the 2% best quality land in England. Build on it, as Labour-run Sefton Council wants to do? No, farm it and feed us!