The Windrush Generation – Some of them are being treated appallingly

In recent times I see my country acting in ways that make me deeply ashamed of it and this is another sad and worrying example of us turning on our own people as the powers that be seek out scapegoats for our increasingly everyday racism.

Channel 4 has the story on its web site – see link above

What really gets me about this is that instead of regularising the paperwork each time one of these seemingly unregistered (and there could be 50,000 of them!) cases comes to the surface some of the poor people involved have been locked up. That’s no way to treat people we invited to our country no matter how or why the law was changed regarding them in 1971. They are British and should be helped to resolve any paperwork issues from generations ago without the need for them to be locked up and threatened with deportation.

If we can be so intolerant towards our own people what on earth does it show about how we are treating modern day refugees! What on earth are we coming to in Brexit Britain?

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Immigration – Tories played with fire and racism crackles all around us all

The Guardian has the story – see link above

Another powerful commentary from Nick Cohen on what happens when you play the racism card.

This quote is chilling – ‘It is still not true to say that race and immigration were all that mattered to everyone who voted leave. But they were all that mattered to Vote Leave. Mainstream Tories accepted that creating and exploiting fear would take them to victory. They played with fire and you can hear the flames crackling.’

With thanks to Roy Connell who spotted this article

Racism – It desroys our society

This posting details a comment I made on Phil Holden’s blog site ‘7and7is’ and I thought it was worth wider circulation:-

The sad part about all this talk about immigration is that it has stirred up some nasty, often only hinted at, racism issues.

The UK has always had a worrying undercurrent of racial hatred which sadly leads to random acts of violence towards those from racial minorities.

Whilst the vast majority of us will have nothing to do with racism some seem to thrive on it, probably as it allows them to blame a racial minority for what are in reality their own failings.

But what really worries me is the dog-whistle type racism used by a minority of politicians to whip up racist fears. Those politicians know exactly what they are doing; in trying to put fear into all our hearts they are also playing on the minds of those lunatics at the fringes of society.

In this case they do it to try to win a Brexit vote but how do such vile thoughts get put back in the box the day after polling day? Of course they will not go back in the boxes of the lunatics so beware what you try to whip up it will have consequences for years to come.

Guest Posting – Corbynomics and local political affiliations – Malcolm Gore writes

Maghull resident Malcolm Gore wrote this letter to the Champion newspaper

Dear Editor,
I found Bill Esterson’s pledge of 100% support for Jeremy Corbyn in last week’s Champion rather alarming.

Corbyn’s extremist views have been well documented recently in the press, his opposition to the monarchy, his willingness to share a platform with terrorist friends, his desire to axe our nuclear capability and probably the army as well, his stance on immigration and his ideas that the solution to any economic problems is to print money, which any A level economics student will tell you, leads to hyper-inflation, are disturbing. Even worse is the desire of his Shadow Chancellor to return to those “halcyon days ” of the 1970’s. Does this mean Bill now shares these views and would vote for them?

Like myself, Mr Esterson has publicly criticised our local councillors, who once elected, toe the party line to the determent of their own electorate, yet when he finds himself in similar circumstances he can’t wait to jump into the “party tent”. I feel sure the majority of hard working, long standing, Labour supporters in Sefton East, do not share these views. Surely it would do his credibility far more good ,to resign the party whip and fight for the mandate on which he was elected.

I fear he has spent too much time in Andy Burnham’s company, borrowing someone else’s “flip- flops” is unhealthy.

Malcolm Gore
Maghull Resident

It was not published in the following edition of 23rd September

Immigration – But what about the UK immigrants to other EU countries?

Now here’s the immigration issue from the other end of the telescope – the number of UK citizens living in or have migrated to other EN countries:-


My issue with immigration always been about environmental sustainability i.e. the ability of the UK to be able to feed itself without requiring the present huge environmental impact of importing massive amounts of food. Of course this also links to my campaigning about not building on Sefton’s high grade agricultural land.

Immigration will hit housing, warns report

A report by think tank Civitas is warning that high levels of immigration will undermine living standards by putting pressure on schools, housing and hospitals. “Population growth may lead to housing shortages and pressure on public facilities such as schools, hospitals and the transport infrastructure,” the report says. Net migration has been over 200,000 every year for the past decade and the report suggests that population will increase by a projected 20m over the next 50 years if this continues.

The Times, Page: 4 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 4

Mm, this kind of report probably hits a note but it also has the unfortunate consequence of feeding a racist agenda by default. Immigration will be just one of a number of factors that causes pressures on housing availability and public services. I do hope it is kept in context but fear that it will not be by those with popularist agendas.